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Why anonymous posts are allowed in this forum ?

Mapraputa Is
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Map -- would you not enter into any conversation in person by first listening to what is being said, what the dynamics of the group are, etc.?
I would not, but I am also trying not to judge people based on my own preferences, which seldom works, I must admit.
I don't think it's true that we have inherently negative feelnigs towards new people.
I didn't say that. What I was trying to say is that when we do not know how to interpret some act of behavior, we tend to interpret it negatively. I remember soon after Sep.11 I made a post that you interpreted as justification of this act of terrorism. Later you detected sarcasm in some of my posts where I did not intend any. As a reciprocal courtesy, I misread lots of your posts - negatively, of course.
We certainly do, I think, have negative opinions of people who are new and take extreme, if not merely strong, positions and couple them with attitude (which I at least often construe as attempting to dominate) or such thick sarcasm that it's hard to tell what the speaker is about. Are they trying to be funny, authoritative, divisive, what? All at once?
I do not know. All I can say is that the person you are talking about got rather negative response to his very first post. After that I refuse to make guesses how much of his behavior is natural to him and how much was conditioned.
After all, we do not know how young/old he is. I wouldn't apply the same criteria to 18- and 40 years old. For what one deserves an insult, another deserves mild educational remark.
Those negative impressions I don't think are pure a priori knowledge.
I think it is, not a priori knowledge, more like self-protecting a priori reflexes. It is always safer to assume the worst and be prepared to it, than to err on optimistic side and to be caught unprepared. This tendency must have deep evolutional roots.
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Uncontrolled vocabularies
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Anthony Villanueva
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Tom Clancy is your modern American spy novelist, but LeCarre
was always my favorite. The trilogy of Tinker Tailor, Soldier Spy, The Honorable Schoolboy and Smiley's People are must-reads.
Marvel Comics has Colossus, or rather Piotr Rasputin (yeah, you got the name right). Too much angst, and besides, what was my college roomie going to think? Moved to Sandman by DC Vertigo. Neil Gaiman's novels always had mixed reviews, but I liked Good Omens, a whimsical tale about the Apocalypse (except for the ending... ), though of course, his forte was always in comics. IMHO his best works are the Doll's House and A Game of You.
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Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
It does matter who is saying.

When I say respect the poster, I wanted to say, respect the views of poster.
Why would you say that I will ignore your thoughts because you are not registered ??
Map, you are saying that it does matter who is saying.
But I dont think so. Reason: there are lot of good quotes which I dont know who has said and when? What was his/her personlity and what & how s/he was/is?
I dont know who is the original writer of Ant story but its good, I cant disagree with story because I dont know the writer.
When I posted "Why Spiderman has mask?" I wanted to say this thing only, that see the action not the anonymity.
Now what you all(who think that anonymous posts are not worth replying) can do, ignore him but please dont say that your view is not worth because you are anonymous.

Ever hear any accounts of monitoring or blocking internet communication from the Middle East since 9/11?

Please ME, I am not at all thinking about 9/11? and also do not want to relate this by any means with 9/11.
About real name: let us say there is one more ravish kumar, who loves to have sign-in name as rk_singh. He comes to registere here, He would not get his name. So he will tilt his name will try Ravi Kuma OR Ravi K OR something. So has his identity has changed. Name is not everything.(My opinion, you can disagree)
I want to say its just a name, Does it matter who said "Try, Try till you succed." I dont know who said it. But this is truth, it does not matter even if this quote had been said by Hitler and for your matter OBL. The quote, view is truth.
Its all your wish, I can only suggest. Its you, whether you want to agree with it or not.
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Like Michael said, respect is earned.

No doubt... But just because a person is anonymous, he has not lost the right to earn respect. (for you might be)
Let's say you receive this message in a nice greeting card that you find taped to your front door when you get home one evening, and it is signed by this attractive woman you have been admiring who lives a few doors down the street.

Doesnt it make you happy even if there is no name or has a name "WhoAmI" on the card

On the other hand, let's say you arrive home to find a partially eaten human heart stuck to your door with a large knife. On a slip of paper, between the knife and the partially eaten human heart, is written the same message, apparently in blood, and signed by "An admirer".

Doesnt it make you unhappy even if it has the name of the sweet lady who lives next door to you.
OR you will like half eaten heart hanging on your door with a knife just because it has a name of a attractive woman who lives a few doors down the street
I am hundred percent sure that no one like this. Even if it has a name of my mother, I wont like it.(I dont know abt you guys because name does matter to you all )

So ya see, it's not necessarily what the message is, but often how that message is delivered.

We are not talking abt how message was delivered, I am talking abt, does it matter who delevered the message?

And one more question: What is AW? Anyway?

Yes you are right.
AW, you all guys are free to do what you want to do. I wanted to say, I have said.
R K Singh
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The only problem I see is that you cant edit your spelling mistakes.
Anonymous poster must be good in typing

"Thanks to Indian media who has over the period of time swiped out intellectual taste from mass Indian population." - Chetan Parekh
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Originally posted by Michael Ernest:

Thomas Jefferson: America is a land of freedom.
Abraham Lincoln: America is a land of freedom.
John Kennedy: America is a land of freedom.
Donald Trump: America is a land of freedom.
George Bush, Jr.: America is a land of freedom.
Robert Mapplethorpe: America is a land of freedom.
Sammy Sosa: America is a land of freedom.
Oliver North: America is a land of freedom.
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America is a land of freedom.
does it make difference
Michael Ernest
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Does what make a difference?
Cindy Glass
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A difference to what?

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Thomas Paul
mister krabs
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I think he's saying that it doesn't matter who says it since it is so obviously true.

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I agree. Here's the link:
subject: Why anonymous posts are allowed in this forum ?
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