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April2011 Journal   

CodeRanch Journal, April 2011 Edition

Howdy from the April edition of the CodeRanch Journal. This month's journal editor is author, bartender and cow tipper extraordinaire, Cameron McKenzie.

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The CodeRanch Conference Hangover

The CodeRanch usurped TSSJS 2011 in Las Vegas last month, and ever since the event, pictures, videos and blog posts have steadily been trickling in. Here are a few plum pickings from the event:

Interesting Staff Blogs

Interesting CodeRanch forum posts

News from the Ranch

Book Promotions

There's a book promotion just about every week at the CodeRanch. Just ask a question about the book in the appropriate forum and you're eligible to win. Right now, Agile Hiring by Sean Landis is up for grabs. Maybe you'll win a copy?

Book Reviews


If you have any feedback on this month's Journal then discuss it in the thread here. Or if you have any general suggestions about the CodeRanch journal, then feel free to open a new thread in our Ranch Office forum.

Your editor this month

Cameron McKenzie (@potemcam) is the author of Hibernate Made Easy, JSF Made Easy, and What is Web Sphere? And if you like The Simpsons, you'll love his Pickering is Springfield book. Cameron is also the Editor-in-Chief of, and volunteering to write up this edition of the CodeRanch journal probably violates about a dozen different clauses in his employment contract. But what the heck, who wouldn't risk losing gainful employment for the betterment of the CodeRanch?

Journal Archive

Our previously published journals are available here.

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