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April2014 Journal   

The CodeRanch Journal

Howdy from everyone at the Ranch! It's been a busy month at CodeRanch, in the Java world and in the tech community at large.

Reminder: have you changed your passwords yet? (read about Heartbleed)

CodeRanch wasn't vulnerable to Heartbleed but many sites were including gmail, paypal and github. See the list of sites you need to change passwords on along with some discussion.. And read about the sites on which members have set up two factor authentication to ensure password theft won't compromise their accounts.

Java 8

Java 8 is out! Check out the announcement day thread and the discussions in our Java 8 forum. And our next two book promotions are for Java 8 books. Participate and you could win a free book on Java 8.

News From The Ranch

We have a new feature called the zero replies view. It's what it sounds like - threads without any replies. Maybe it is a challenging question. Maybe a greenhorn just needs a nudge or encouragement. Check out the new view. Maybe you can be the one first one to reply.

Another new feature is that you can now specify what line number a code snippet starts at. This one is particularly cool because a rancher (Pawel Pawlowicz) suggested it and another rancher (Tim Cooke) did the research/analysis, implemented the fix and wrote the unit tests. All we had to do was integrate and re-test.

Oracle announced a new certification. And we have a new JSF certification forum for it. Granted not much is known since the exam went into beta so recently, but we're sure the forum will fill up.

Interesting Blogs And Discussions

About The Editor

Jeanne Boyarsky has been a member of CodeRanch since 2003 and a moderator since 2004. She's excited to have drawn the job of creating the Journal during such an exciting month.

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