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August2010 Journal   

JavaRanch Journal August 2010 Editor: Martijn Verburg

Howdy from the August JavaRanch Journal!

Blog picks written by the staff:

- Spring 3 Certification Reading and Resources. Jeanne Boyarsky shares her reading list and study resources for the Spring 3 Certification exam.

- A new way of looking at Inheritance versus Composition in OO. Ilja Preuß takes you through a new view of the Inheritance vs Composition debate with his 'Shu Ha Ri' methodology.

Shout out for Mark's iPad App:

- YouTube video organiser. Mark Spritzler has a new iPad application to help you sort out your YouTube? videos!

Interesting JavaRanch Forum posts:

- Sharing some Art. Take a break from Java and enjoy a discussion about something completely different!

- Locks vs Monitors. Explore the difference between a Lock and a Monitor with regards to threading in Java.

- Timers in JEE. An in depth discussion about timers in JEE, learn all about them and add your thoughts!

News from the Ranch:

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Your editor this month: Martijn Verburg works as a Java/Open Source Consultant for various clients in London. He's heavily involved in the PCGen and Ikasan EIP open source projects and is also working on an upcoming "The Well Grounded Java 7 Developer" title for Manning publications.

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