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You can now show your accomplishments on JavaRanch/CodeRanch on your own site through a custom badge :

Copy/paste the following code into your site, and change the id to your own ranch id. Your ranch id is shown in your public profile (At the top of any forum page like this one, click "My Profile" and then click "view public profile" )

<a href=''>
    <img alt='Coderanch status' src='' width='150' height='75'/>

Add your badge to your Blogger/Blogspot blog

If you have a blog at then you can display your CodeRanch badge on your blog as follows:

  • Login to your blog
  • Go to "Design" -> "Page Elements" tab
  • Click "Add a Gadget"
  • Select the "Picture" gadget
    • Give a "Title" and "Caption" of your choice
    • In the "Link" part add (Note that this link will be used when you "click" on the image on your blog)
    • For uploading the image, select the "From the web" radio button and specify your user specific badge URL
(for example: where id is your user profile id at CodeRanch).
    • Click Save
  • Then Save this new change.

That's it, your blog will now have a CodeRanch Badge.

Looking for something fancier?

If you're not afraid to do a bit programming then there is a REST API you can use to build even fancier badges for user profiles, forums and topics. Read all about those at RestApis.


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