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Bio Jeanne Boyarsky   

This page has slowly been getting longer. Kind of like boiling a frog in water, I didn't notice it until it was a mess. I reorganized and it looks more like a CV now, but at least it is easy to read. While I work as a Java Developer for a bank in New York City, the interesting parts are what I do outside of work.


Book work

Conference and user group talks

Online Writing



I also contributed significantly to the JForum migration. I've contributed a number of other features including many of the Jumpin JForum Day ones. Like most moderators, I've covered a number of different forums over the years. My favorites that I request most frequently are the JDBC and Testing forums.

Formal education

  • 2005 completed my Master's degree in Computer Information Technology at Regis University (online)
  • 2002 graduate of Queens College with a degree in Computer Science


I'm proud of my first contribution to open source. Version 1.1.0 of Classpath Suite - Running JUnit 3.8 test classes in a 4.X suite and supporting JUnit 4.4.


My profile linking to my posts


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