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Book Promotions   

JavaRanch Book Promotions - Win a free book at JavaRanch!

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JavaRanch has regular book promotions in our forums. We invite authors of books that we believe will be of interest to the Java community to visit our forums, answer questions, and share their knowledge. The promotions always start on Tuesday and end on Friday.

Some time during the day on Friday, the promotion will end and the forum will be combed for qualifying messages since the promotion began (this is an automated process). From these, four winners will be randomly selected. Be sure to check the list of winners which will be posted in the forum on Friday. Winners must send their snail mail address and day time phone number to bookpromotion AT javaranch DOT com. (We apologize for not having a direct email link but the spammers are killing us.) The publisher will then send each winner a free copy of the book! Remember, to win you must be registered with a name that meets the JavaRanch Naming Policy and your post must be on topic.

Don't forget the best part: During the promotion, the author(s) of the book will be hanging out to answer questions!

For questions about this page or to schedule a promotion, contact: bookpromotion AT javaranch DOT com

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