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Build Tools FAQ   

  • Javaranch Forum
Ant, Maven and Other Build Tools Forum

  • Ant Resources
Official Ant Manual
Official Ant FAQ
Ant's Having Problems? Page
JavaRanch Journal Ant article
Advanced Ant Techniques, a two-part series in the JavaRanch Journal - Part 1 Part 2
Invoking Apache Ant programmatically - Making use of Ant buildfiles from within your Java code
How can I create my own Ant task? See AntTask for an example.
I don't want to use Maven, but still want to automate dependency management; what can I do? That's what Apache Ivy is for.

  • javac task doesn't copy non Java files
ant javac
  • Netbeans and Ant
Ant Error

  • How can I get ANT, SVN and CruiseControl technologies to work together?
See AntSvnCruiseControl for a great howto guide!

  • Where can I find information on WAS Ant tasks?
WAS Ant task documentation

  • Where can I find the WAS ant tasks jar file?
The jar is located here: <WAS Directory>/AppServer/lib

  • Maven Resources
Maven - The Definitive Guide
Maven WAR
Maven Plugin - keep them up-to-date


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