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Cade Sheil SCEA FAQ   

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If you want to post discussion about anything on this page, see cade/sheil - sample solution issues


The Cade/Sheil study guide was a great help for part 1. For part 2/3, I found it mostly useful. I had some issues with the "fully worked solution" though. I'd like to use this thread for people to brainstorm issues they see in the provided solution. It's going to be up to individual exam takers to decide whether to follow this or improve their own.

Here's what I recall. There were a couple other things that bugged me, but they aren't jumping to mind right now. Please edit this page so this serves as a reference to others using Cade/Sheil.

For me issues fell into a few categories:

  • Category 1 - I've never seen anybody do that in the real world (I think the exams want what the authors did though)
  • Category 2 - UML syntax type errors
  • Category 3 - Other oddities


Class diagram

Component diagram

  • I think the component diagram is too detailed. (category 1)
  • Component diagram for the "fully worked solution" correctly uses UML 2 style, however earlier in chapter examples use UML 1 style (category 2)
  • Listing all the classes/JSPs in a component diagram (category 1)

Sequence diagram


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