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Code Barn   

The JavaRanch Codebarn is a collection of sample Java programs that demonstrate various APIs and techniques, ranging from the very simple to the quite complex. If you find some useful code snippet (or write one yourself), feel free to include it here, or send it to one of the moderators so they can include it.

StallWhat you'll findRequirements
Beginner Java Examples which can be downloaded to your machine, compiled, and run from the command line.A recent version of the Java Development Kit (JDK)
Intermediate Java Examples that you may find useful once you're comfortable using Java, but not right at the beginning  
Advanced Java Examples for which you need quite a bit of experience with Java  
Applets Examples as applets which can be fun right in your browserA Java enabled browser
Servlets and JSPs Servlet and JSP examples pre-packaged as web archives (war files)A servlet container with JSP and auto-deploy support
XML Examples of using DOM, pretty-printing XML, validating XML and more 
Libraries and Frameworks Stuff someone else wrote so you don't have to 

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