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CodeRanch Release Notes 2012   

Released on 12/22/2012:
  • Jeanne - preparation for the Jumpin JForum Day feature
  • Jeanne - moved "likes" and other logic to external file to save bandwidth
  • Jeanne - preparation for a new look and feel implementation
  • Jeanne - fixed performance issues in forum list rendering that were causing technical difficulties
  • Jaikiran - disabled multi-forum support in RSS feeds for a forum
  • Jaikiran - fixed performance issues in Lucene reindexing process (those contributed to search facility being uavailable for a few days)

Released on 12/14/2012:

  • Andrew - resolved a conflict in fixes for incorrect counting of posts per forum
  • Jaikiran - fixed other leaking database resources
  • Jaikiran - fixed a NPE which was being reported in the logs of coderanch server

Released on 12/9/2012:

  • Andrew - fixed incorrect counting of posts per forum
  • Andrew - fixed leaking database resources
  • Andrew - code cleanup in a DAO class

Released on 12/7/2012:

  • Jeanne - fixed a bug in Holiday Moose administration

Released on 12/1/2012:

  • Jeanne - "threads others viewed" renamed to "similar threads"
  • Jeanne - fixed bug in holiday moose management code
  • Jeanne - fixed post count displayed on forums page
  • Jeanne - pick winners adjusted to accomodate new multiple forums per thread functionality
  • Jeanne - Ranch Dairy Council
  • Ranga - enforced a limit on the length of lines inside code tags to prevent broken layouts

Released on 11/18/2012:

  • Andrew - fixed bug related to entity manager
  • Andrew - fixed yet another bug related to entity manager
  • Andrew - improvements to multiple forum per threads management
  • Andrew - fixed bug in thread duplication code related to multiple forum per threads extension

Released on 11/17/2012:

  • Andrew - added functionality to include one thread in multiple forums (only moderators can assign threads to multiple forums as of now)
  • Jaikiran - fixed the topic icon display where already read topics were being shown as unread upon session timeout
  • Jaikiran - fixed "Quick Reply" broken in last release (hot-patched in production earlier)
  • Jaikiran - fixed code to accomodate old-style URLs so that it no longer creates /forums/forums in URLs
  • Jaikiran - added a link to the naming policy page on the name change request form
  • Jaikiran - stopped forum software from shortening the display of lenghty URLs
  • EFH - banner statistics upgrade
  • Jeanne - removed insecure contents (the moose) on login page to avoid "this page has insecure content" warnings
  • Jeanne - fixed bug related to announcement management and display
  • Jeanne - fixed null pointer exception occuring after sponsored link was deleted
  • Ranga - expanded list of words that are not used in thread URLs
  • Ranga - SEO improvement on main forum page
  • Ranga - SEO improvement on individual forum pages
  • Jeanne - fixed a bug related to non-mobile view on certain types of Blackberry
  • Jeanne - removed extra line breaks that were added when using HTML code to incorporate tables in posts

Released on 9/23/2012:

  • Jeanne - don't include request for mailing address in messages to promo winners when the prize is not to be sent by mail
  • Jeanne - pick winners list shows more information from the profile of selected users
  • Jeanne - pick winners list shows how many times the user has won recently
  • Jeanne - fix job that deletes old user sessions to not throw stale data exceptions
  • Jeanne - subject not checked for disallowed words when replying to an existing thread
  • EFH - more detailed targetting of banners based on regions
  • Bear, EFH, Jeanne - update OP icon to be smaller, clearer and have a title
  • Andrew - tracking sending reactivation emails in logs
  • Ranga - too vague subjects disallowed when creating a topic
  • Ranga - prevent creation of empty posts (server-side validation)
  • Andrew - some refactoring in DAO layer
  • Andrew - more information in exception messages in log files

Released on 9/16/2012:

  • Jeanne - removed references to (unused) original "blocked forum" JForum icon
  • Jeanne - fixed bug that prevented deleting private messages in mobile view
  • Jeanne - the "OP" (original poster) icon next to the rancher name marks the person whih started the thread being viewed
  • Jeanne - more JDBC to JPA migration
  • EFH - banner editing using JQueryUI dialog
  • EFH - Tricorder spatial module lookup caching
  • Ranga - prevent creation of empty posts
  • Jaikiran - fixed a potential NPE while preparing a post for display
  • Jaikiran - fixed a potential NPE while viewing/downloading attachments
  • Andrew - allow per-site configuration of the email address we ask users to send error reports to
  • Jeanne - allow pls and other censored words in URLs
  • Jeanne - ignore trailing dot at the end of YouTube url (which otherwise stops the url from working)
  • Jeanne - removed bug in administration of nofollow links
  • Jeanne - fixed a memory leak

Released on 8/12/2012:

  • Jaikiran - Subspace Radio Noise Filter
  • Jaikiran - fixed and unified sponsored links administration
  • Jaikiran - added an explicit message to the account registration and lost password page asking the user to check their spam folder for the emails
  • Jaikiran - minor changes to attachment handling and displaying:
    • attachment name and description displayed in the post (if available)
    • attachments are displayed in the order in which they were uploaded
  • Ulf - Tricorder Focus Lens
  • Jaikiran - notification emails not sent to inactive addresses
  • Jaikiran - Proximity Detector
  • Jaikiran - further adjustment of the email sending process
  • Ulf - update to Lucene 3.6.1 and related changes
  • Jeanne - Forklift Truck
  • Jeanne - added YouTube button in edit form

Released on 7/16/2012:

  • Ulf - Navicomp Subspace Radio
  • Jeanne - changes to the forum creation procedure
  • Andrew - prevented certain type of (harmless) JForum exceptions
  • Andrew - Phaser Maintenance Logbook
  • Jaikiran - Proximity Generator
  • Andrew - added ability to re-send account activation emails
  • Andrew - Proximity Detector

Released on 7/7/2012:

  • Jeanne - pick winners bug fix (include Monday in search for welcome thread)
  • Jaikiran - bandwidth optimization: support caching of attachment images in posts.
  • Jaikiran - improved thread integration with Facebook
  • Jaikiran - Fog Of War
  • Jeanne - Phaser Recharge
  • Jeanne - Project Orion Shock Absorber
  • Jaikiran - Most Wanted - Delist
  • Andrew - Untagging
  • Jaikiran - Project Orion Logbook
  • Jeanne - support embedded youtube videos in url tags
  • Jeanne - load emoticons only if panel expanded
  • Andrew - minor changes that don't affect application
  • Jaikiran - removed bug in handling nofollow links
  • Ulf - category home pages can be viewed even if that category is generally turned off as a user preference

Released on 6/16/2012:

  • Jeanne - caching all site images for faster response and bandwidth savings
  • Jaikiran - fixed a bug in handling atttachments without descriptions
  • Jaikiran - improved Facebook integration of threads with attachments
  • Jaikiran - fixed a bug which might inflate view counts of some threads
  • Jaikiran - Project Orion Ignition Key
  • Jeanne - merge pick winners code with main jforum code

Released on 6/10/2012:

  • Ulf - made font of email image smaller for really long addresses
  • Jeanne - Set phasers to stunning
  • Jeanne - don't show Watch Topic link in mobile view
  • Jeanne - HTML not properly encoded on forum subjects
  • Jeanne - redirect to normal URL if non-logged in user watches a thread
  • Jeanne - fix URLs when user left off http://
  • Jeanne - show Information updated page after successfully editing user profile or name change form
  • Jaikiran - Robotic goats
  • Jaikiran - Various changes to the way attachments are handled and displayed
  • Jeanne - a first stab at the convert youtube links to embedded videos feature.
  • Jeanne - Tricorder spatial module refactoring
  • Jeanne - caching template images for faster response and bandwidth savings

Released on 5/20/2012:

  • Jeanne - JDBC to JPA migration
  • Ulf - add email address image in user profiles
  • Andrew - Spatial module for tricorders
  • Ulf - Tricorder spatial module upgrade
  • Ulf - Improbability drive fixation
  • Andrew - Shields phase repolarization

Released on 3/26/2012:

  • Jeanne - made pages a tiny bit smaller to save bandwidth
  • Andrew - Navicomp programming
  • Ulf - Tricorder index expansion
  • Ankit - Fix weird line in bumper stickers
  • Ulf - Support for Promo coordinator
  • Ulf - creating watches for topics created when splitting posts
  • Jeanne - generate more like this for existing threads

Released on 2/25/2012:

  • Jeanne - made pages a tiny bit smaller to save bandwidth
  • Jaikiran - Enabled "Report post to moderator" for all logged-in users
  • Ulf - fixed a couple of search problems
  • Jeanne - allow login by e-mail
  • Jeanne - Superfluid chronometer
  • Ulf - Cloaking crystals
  • Ulf - Fixed look of polls (we haven't run any yet, though)
  • Ulf - Communicator circuit etchings
  • Ulf - Improvements in CodeRanch server monitoring tools
  • Jeanne - Photon torpedo sights setting
  • Andrew - Change size of embedded YouTube videos from 425x350 to 640x480

Released on 1/14/2012:

  • Jaikiran - Implement the report to moderator feature
  • Jaikiran - Torpedo bay abutment
  • Andrew - Helm panel upgrade
  • Jeanne - fix error starting new thread in mobile view

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