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CodeRanch Release Notes 2013   

Released on 12/28/2013:
  • Jaikiran and Jeanne - fixed Purple Mooseages text color to go with new purple
  • Jeanne - preparations for post flags (Jumpin JForum Day feature)
  • Jeanne - possibility to flag one's own post (Jumpin JForum Day feature)
  • Jeanne - add view of top flagged posts (Jumpin JForum Day feature)
  • Jeanne - update number of flags on post when flags are added/removed (Jumpin JForum Day feature)
  • Jeanne - add beta view for recent topics and top flagged threads (Jumpin JForum Day feature)
  • Jeanne - temporarily hide flags in navigation menu (Jumpin JForum Day feature)
  • Jeanne - support pagination and fix images in beta view for recent topics page
  • Jeanne - fix error preventing the display of top flagged threads view (Jumpin JForum Day feature)
  • Jeanne - hide inacccessible topics from top flagged threads view (Jumpin JForum Day feature)

Released on 12/25/2013:

  • Bear - modify Purple Mooseages pages to use less glaring shades of purple
  • Andrew - add number of thumb ups given by a user on the user profile page
  • Andrew - administration features
  • Ulf - fixed banner links broken on and Friki
  • Jeanne - preparations for the Rattlesnake pit - selective write access to forums (Jumpin JForum Day feature)
  • Jeanne - preparations for the Rattlesnake pit (Jumpin JForum Day feature)
  • Jeanne - fix wrong admin icon in mobile view
  • Jeanne - preparations for post flags (Jumpin JForum Day feature)

Released on 11/30/2013:

  • Andrew - Pterodactyle Hatchery fix
  • Ulf - fix the broken Apache Commons javadoc URLs (the entire Commons site has been reorganized)
  • Ulf - caching/SQL optimizations
  • Jeanne - fix a bug that temporarily prevented granting cows to users
  • Jeanne - fix a CSRF error when acivating watch in mobile view
  • Jeanne - display cows awarded to posts for nonlogged-in users
  • Jaikiran - fix handling of mismatched number of opening and closing quote blocks in beta view
  • Jaikiran (and Tony) - better buttons for the topic actions toolbar at the bottom of the thread in beta view

Released on 11/16/2013:

  • Andrew - administration features
  • Jeanne - yet another bug fix in Purple Mooseages sent from staff
  • Jeanne - preparations for the Rattlesnake pit (Jumpin JForum Day feature)
  • Jeanne - last 30 days statistics in the Leaderboard
  • Jeanne - add number thumb ups and cows from last 30 days to user profile page
  • Ulf - finetune the display of cows to Ranchers

Released on 10/20/2013:

  • Jeanne - make unread Purple Mooseages icons larger
  • Jeanne - bug fix in Purple Mooseages sent from staff
  • Jaikiran - rename some references of 'private messages' to 'purple mooseages'
  • Jeanne - Proximity Validator
  • Jeanne - clarify the message that appears when the Report post prompt is cancelled
  • Jaikiran - add support for showing cow count on coderanch badges
  • Jaikiran - send mail notification when a post gets rewarded a cow or an apple
  • Jeanne - make cow/apple mail notification configurable in user profile
  • Jaikiran - remove the "Copy to clipboard" feature link from the syntax highlighter
  • Jeanne - support for Probation posts
  • Jeanne (and Bear) - moderation support for Probation posts
  • Jeanne - add description for some of the moderation options
  • Jeanne - fix CSRF error on mobile links
  • Jaikiran - lots of updates for the new look&feel (the new view is available to moderators only in this version)
  • Jaikiran - update the "Similar threads" section whenever the first post of a thread or the subject of the thread is updated
  • Jaikiran - fix some sitemap generation issues
  • Jaikiran - remove inconsistent max-length attribute values for passwords across various screen
  • Jeanne - adjust the appearance of the Purple Moosages sent from staff
  • Jaikiran - fix some issues on coderanch test server
  • Jaikiran (with help from Ulf) - remove some code related to auto-link ads
  • Jaikiran - improve handling of scheduled JForum jobs to make them more reliable
  • Jaikiran - change the sizes of thumbnails generated for attached images
  • Jaikiran - skip real words checking in posts/purple mooseages composed by moderators
  • Jaikiran - change any remaining references of 'private messages' to 'purple mooseages'

Released on 9/14/2013:

  • Jaikiran - Control Room Teleporter
  • Jaikiran - captcha no longer needed on user profile edit page
  • Jeanne - implemented Purple Mooseages sent from staff
  • Jeanne - book promo Purple Mooseages do not display sender name
  • Ulf - small additions to the Java-monitor API
  • Andrew - fixed issue with (not) sending notification emails to certain users
  • Ulf - work around non-standard Android browser behavior that causes CSRFGuard to trigger incorrectly
  • Jeanne - change 'private message' to 'purple mooseage' in alt attributes
  • Jeanne - spam control measure
  • Jeanne - fix subject for PM to promo winners for MEAPs
  • Jeanne - add ability to grant likes and cows via mobile view

Released on 8/30/2013:

  • Andrew and Jeanne - Purple Mooseages
  • Jaikiran - Quantum Disentangler
  • Ulf - update and unify jQuery versions

Released on 8/9/2013:

  • Jaikiran - clarified the message in the "Report post to moderator" promt
  • Ulf - updated a bunch of javadoc URLs, particularly adding JEE 7
  • Jeanne - preparations for creating a forum for privileged users
  • Jeanne - fixed a bug in preventing PM spam by new users
  • Jeanne - fixed a bug in displaying sticky topics in forum listings
  • Jeanne - Holodeck plug
  • Jeanne - added padding to the right hand side of posts
  • Jaikiran - improvement in detection of uploaded image types
  • Jaikiran - automatic self-destructing moderation message after a thread-split
  • Jaikiran - additional CSRF error fix
  • Jaikiran - expanded the "Similar Threads" area
  • Ulf - fixed bug that prevented using Quick Reply for certain topics
  • Jaikiran - auto-rotate uploaded image before creating a thumbnail
  • Jeanne - fixed infinite redirects bug

Released on 6/15/2013:

Note: some changes in this release were hot-patched into production before the release date.

  • Jeanne - fixed display of trailboss cow count
  • Ulf - fixed bugs in Porter stemming in search algorithm
  • Christophe - a separate icon displayed for every cow granted on a single post
  • Ulf - fixed an issue while searching using a member's last name
  • Jeanne - Subspace broadcasting unjammer
  • Ranga - prevent PM spam by new users
  • Jaikiran - new bulkmailer integrated in JForum
  • Jaikiran - bulkmailer improvements

Released on 6/3/2013:

  • Jaikiran - SMTP configuration changes
  • Jeanne - More communicator circuit rectification

Released on 6/1/2013:

  • Jeanne - fixed small concurrency issue
  • Jeanne - Communicator circuit rectification

Released on 5/31/2013:

  • Jeanne - Navicomp display update
  • EFH - support for https in youtube links
  • EFH - enable PHP syntax highlighting
  • Jeanne - link to user profiles from user posts for logged out users
  • Jeanne - Subspace broadcasting jammer
  • Jeanne - tool for quick deletion of all posts by a user (spammer)
  • Andrew - improvements to generation of the sitemap.xml file
  • Jeanne - add 'Select all' checkbox to 'My Bookmarks and Watches page (as requested by a user)
  • Jeanne - displaying a message indicating only a subject (not post content) was edited by a moderator

Released on 5/12/2013:

  • Christophe - show cows per post (final version)
  • Ulf - use Porter stemming during Lucene analysis for better results
  • Ulf - Intercom noise suppression
  • Jaikiran - fixed bug preventing post deletion
  • Ulf - prevent a couple of JavaScript errors, one harmless, one harmful
  • Jaikiran - fixed CSRF related error in displaying the UseRealWords message
  • Andrew - fixed typo in the sitemap generator
  • Jeanne - fixed broken category link in Certification category
  • Jeanne - fixed a small issue concerning special characters in the pick winners tool
  • Jeanne - fixed error displaying forums with no messages

Released on 4/6/2013:

  • Jeanne - fixed two mode CSRF issues
  • Jeanne - fixed bug causing forums to show No messages after a thread split

Released on 3/24/2013:

  • Christophe - allow more cows per post
  • Jeanne - Mist Of War Goggles

Released on 3/23/2013:

  • Jeanne - browser independent CSRF implementation, CSRF turned on again for all users
  • Jeanne - 'cow' to 'apple' customization for permies
  • Christophe - grantable cows limits configurable
  • Bear - changed apples icons to smaller ones (permies)
  • Jeanne - Mist Of War

Released on 3/16/2013:

  • Jeanne - various CSRF protection changes
  • Christophe - negative cows/apples not shown
  • Christophe - limit number of grantable cows per day depending on user ranking
  • Christophe - show cows per post (beta version showing a small message at the bottom of the post)
  • Christophe - fixed bug when removing a cow
  • Jaikiran - fixed unnecessary redirect to old style URLs when posting reply or creating new topic
  • Jaikiran - fixed handling of fragment ids in URL redirection for CSRF handling
  • Jaikiran - don't add CSRF token to redirect URLs when not needed
  • Christophe - implemented setting for managing cows-related permissions
  • Jeanne - removed unused code while doing code review of links for CSRF
  • Andrew - removed social media buttons from forum main page and topic pages
  • Jeanne - improvements for thread linking in mobile view
  • Christophe - improving site icons
  • Jeanne - better (case-insensitive) support for HTML tables in posts
  • Jeanne - preparations for April Fools day

Released on 2/9/2013:

Note: some changes in this release were hot-patched into production before the release date.

  • Jeanne - various CSRF protection changes
  • Jaikiran - fixed holiday moose admin page to make it functional with the CSRF changes
  • Jaikiran - fixed thumbs up/down on posts of Fix liking/unliking posts broken by the CSRF changes
  • Jaikiran - Steam powered printing press broken by the CSRF changes fixed
  • Jaikiran - stopped adding CSRF token to external site links
  • Jaikiran - fixed adding CSRF Token to URLs containing fragment id (#)
  • Jaikiran - correctly generate CSRF token for new sessions
  • Jaikiran - fixed post split functionality broken by the CSRF changes.
  • Christophe - allow JForum developers to override the default Locale (fixing formatting problems in non-English environments)
  • Christophe - fixed date sorting in cows listing
  • Jaikiran - stopped adding CSRF tokens to safe actions

Released on 1/27/2013:

  • Jeanne - changed the PM subject to avoid the messages being classified as spam
  • Jeanne - initial version of the protection agains CSRF attacks
  • Jaikiran - allow only moderators to see the beta view switch message
  • Jeanne - CSRF tokens not applied to nonlogged users
  • Jeanne - all actions protected from CSRF attacks

Released on 1/21/2013:

  • Jeanne - removed Knowledge Black Belt integration in the anticipation of the site being closed down
  • Jeanne - fixed the display of profiles of users that do not have any cow
  • Jeanne - changed 'thumbs' to 'thumbs up' in the Leaderboard
  • Jeanne - allow ranchers to see where their cows came from
  • Jaikiran - add ability to view and manage attachments in mobile view
  • Jeanne - deactivated critical code that might be vulnerable to CSRF attacks

Released on 1/5/2013:

  • Jeanne - fix apples vs cows verbiage for the permies forum
  • Jeanne - fix display of number of cows in Firefox 17
  • Jeanne - keep user on same page after granting cows
  • Jeanne - changes to the cows leaderboard, including renaming 'likes' to 'thumbs up'
  • Jeanne - pick winners minor bug fix
  • Jaikiran - numerous changes in the new site design (the beta view):
    • use 'Home' and 'Forums' on buttons instead of 'JavaRanch' and 'JavaRanch Forums'.
    • make the button clickable and not just the text inside them.
    • add support for displaying auto-linked content using its specific css
    • show a visible informational message on the topic view page, if the topic is locked
    • fix a bug in header template where certain element values including meta tags were not properly escaping html content
    • reduce the font display size of the post author information
    • minor change to bumper sticker message (removed bold font)
    • fix blackbeltfactory rendering on topic pages
    • fix an NPE reported in coderanch logs for requests triggered for RSS action

Released on 1/1/2013:

Current release notes


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