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General JDBC Questions   

Q. What is JDBC?

A. JDBC is Java Database Connectivity. It allows you to have a single API for connecting to, manipulating, and retrieving information from a multitude of Databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, etc. JDBC home page

Please note that for arcane marketing reasons JDBC is officially NOT an acronym.

Q. Where do I start learning about JDBC?

A. The most obvious and best place to start is the Java JDBC Tutorial. Another (extensive) JDBC tutorial can be found here. See the JDBC forum when you have questions reading.

Q. What databases does JDBC support?

A. Most all Database Vendors will have a JDBC Driver for their Database. Oracle provides a list of companies that have JDBC compatible products.

Q. What are the differences between the 4 types of drivers?

For a comparison of the differences between types of drivers see JDBCDriverTypeComparison

The "official" description of the 4 Driver types may be found here.

Q: Which free drivers are available for Microsoft SQLServer?

This thread discusses differences between the various options.

Q: Which Java databases are available?

There's a good list at Derby and HSQLDB are the most commonly used ones.

Q: What are the differences between the various versions of JDBC?

Q: Should I store my image on the database or in a file?

See this thread for some pros and cons.

Q: Which Oracle driver should I use?

See the OTN article here


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