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Here all visitors of the store get the chance to eternalize themselves. Just sign the document anywhere you want below...

Hi, This is Minhaj Mehmood from Pakistan.

* Ehizeme in the building. I love java. * Good site for learning all about java. * keep up the good work guys.

June-09-2009 - I'm Sergio Campos from Venezuela This a great site to answer all Java related doubts. I've got help and continue learning. Since I feel welcome here, I say "Welcome" to everyone coming here. Just ask your your question...

Just starting to connect to this site. I'm Kelly from Sun Microsystems and I'd like to help out with any basic low level JDK questions and encourage people to go to I have two blog sites at and Of course I'm sure I'll learn something too, but I'd like to be a resource to this site too. ---

Good site for Java ppl ! Keep up the good work ! - Sara

I just came across an incredibly helpful and simple solution to a vexing problem: Tomcat wasn't re-compiling my JSP's. It was using the old versions instead. Turns out, my dev server's clock was two minutes and some change ahead of my workstation, time-wise. I installed an NTP app and this solved the problem. I've bookmarked your site. So long, Pilgrim. (tippimg my Stetson)

Thanks for creating and posting the explanation of the InvokerServlet entry in web.xml and reviewing the alternatives. This is the best explanation I found in a weekend worth of searching.

Hello everybody, this is khasim Basha.

Swathi just got here. Phew!

Hi ! Its Nagendra Gupta an upcoming S/W Engg from India. Java Ranch provides a very special platform to discuss & obtain all latest info on java & related topics. Hope & pray the good work continues............ Nagendra.

Thought I'd say thanks for the info on the evils of invoke wrt servlets. It took me a bit to get my mind around it, but your explanations made it all clear and, well, I have my first test servlet working. Thanks - Adrian, 13Jun04

Hi Everyone, This is Vishnu. After going through Javaranch site I got the confidence that I can pass exams, they clear all of our doubts. Thanks once again.

A Great Site for all JAVA Dudes.... Thanks Kartik 
Thanks for that long sordid history of the invoker servlet. It helped me a lot. And now I'm learning about Java Ranch (JR). I didn't know Hatfield Seed & Feed was here at the JR. JR is great (looks even better than the head first java book). Yes that fly was disgusting but after a while you see it kind of fits in with the general atmosphere. After all, coffee is an acquired taste, why not flies? -- 2004_11_04

********** Perfect place for programers -- Lavanya **********

___________ Hi Hatfield, I am Anurag. I am very impressed with ur place. Nice arrangments all arround. ___________

The Wiki looks great! I need to visit Java Ranch on a more regular basis again. - LayneLund 11 February 2004 Hi... Can I get Help on jsp

Howard Kushner was here February 11, 2004. Howdy y'all!

3dream was here...on 14th Jan,2004.

Nice place u got here... Lindsay 11/29/03

Hi this looks a gr8 discussion forum and a wonderful place for java but a small thing... the fly flying on the home page... looks disgusting...

Maki Jav was here on 18th Nov 2002. I liked this place too.

Anshu Mishra was here.....on 13th Nov, 2003.

Carty is Very grateful for Java ranch - going from COBOL to Java - very interesting...

I was here too... Prasanna

So, I get to decide WHERE on the page that I want to sign? Right? OK - Cindy Glass stopped by to chat. Good job guys!!

To be or not to be, can I see? Can I flee? Can I eat a pea and run to the sea with glee on my face. What a disgrace, did you watch Will and Grace?

I am also included
Hi, This thing is a little crazy... Claiton

Hi, Dirk. MdQ

JdJ was here.

So wazza bazza.



Yingie, yayyy...... yeah, Yingie was here.


Bazza waz here instead of wurking.

What happens when two people edit at the same time? Do they get merged?

[Answer: I'm pretty sure that that last edit submitted simply overwrites the previous submission. So I guess it's good manners to refresh your view of a page (in a separate window) just before submitting changes, to see if any other changes occurred while you were editing.]

Matt was here.

The Weitz Master was here.

Jamie was lurking

Herzliche Grosse from the other side of the big pond. :) -- Looks like umlauts come out as ?

MichaelFinney was here. I wish RecentChanges worked. (May 9, 2003) ;) Fixed. - DirkSchreckmann

Lasse dropped by.

I WAS HERE TOOOOOO....cheerz...- Malhar

another test for Umlaute ? Umlaute does not work and nobody needs them.

hmm.. Good job.

ya...good..really..doing nice job..--Naveen

NelsonNadal? once landed here... keep going, congrats

Kandarp here

hi guys javaranch gives a real good hot cup of coffee! good job!! Shilpa here to sip in the coffee!

hi Buddies! Good Morning with a hot cup of JAVA-Coffee. JavaRanch is the ultimate junction for all Java-Pros' to Exchange views, share knowledge & solutions.

..Vankipuram Padmanaban Salma , hi all Calvin!!! The guy who is tracing for the wind... it's me. Hi guys this madhavi just now joined u all. Happy new year to u all buddies.

This is very entertaining, Steve Smith

Blah and ARGH!

..helo to all big brains, this is another one of ur kind : MINU

I know I signed the GuestBook once already, but I decided I should do it again since it's been a while. -- LayneLund 22 May 2005

Hai all This is cahitanya

hi all ================= Hi I am Nitya a software engineer from Bangalore,India. I found this site through google few days back........Its very useful for all those who are interested in learning JAVA...Thanx for creating such a nice site....... ==================

This is AdeelAnsari

Hi all --- this is Suchitra done SCJP very recently and preparing for SCWCD. Found about this site in SCWCD book HF servlets and JSP. This site is really amazing.

This is a wonderful site-Sangita

this is a good site for all programmers

Nikhil V G

Hi all! This is harini signing in! I m planning to give SCJP exam soon and this is the first time i landed here. Looks like everybody is going GA GA over this site. Hope I too benefit from it.

Davo lurks.


Bill Hyatt-Steel

have never done any programing before im a joiner by trade but im learning java from a book my brother lent me (Head Jirst Java.) the book sugested i cheack this site out!

*********** Christine Childs Hi Paul! Still thinking about learning Java <grin> ************ Hi, this is Thomas from Hamburg germany

good work guys ! =)

*** 14 November, 2011 Hi, I'm Armando from Glendale, California a suburb of Los Angeles. I was a COBOL programmer for many years, now I want to learn JAVA. Which beginning books do you recommend?

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