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IBM XML Certification FAQ   

PleaseDelete - This exam has been withdrawn.

This page collects information about the IBM 141 and 142 XML certifications. It contains

You can ask any questions about the XML exam in the JavaRanch Product and Other Certifications forum

Note that this exam has been withdrawn by IBM on 12/31/2012.

  Frequently asked questions

Q. Will the exam indicate the number of answers to choose?

A. Yes, the exam will clearly mention the number of answers to choose.

Q. Can I still take the IBM 141 exam?

A. No, neither the 141 nor the 142 exam are still available at this point. See the link above.

Q. Can this exam be taken at Prometric, or is a visit to an IBM learning center necessary?

A. Like the other exams, this one can be taken at a Prometric center.

Q. Are there any books specifically for IBM XML certification?

A. Not at this time (4/2002).

Q. What are IBM's recommended readings for the exam?

A. IBM just recommends the books, but these chapter references are helpful. Professional XML 2nd Edition ch. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 24, 27. Professional XML Schemas ch. 1-9. "XSLT" O'Reilly: ch. 1-9

Q. Do I need to purchase all the IBM-recommended books?

A. If you can afford them, you should. They cover the material in the exams, and some of the questions seem to be drawn from these books.

Q. What is the one most important book for XML certification?

A. Professional XML (Second Edition)

Q. Is "Professional XML" enough to pass the exam?

A. No. The books recommended by IBM cover the material fairly well, but there is no book specifically written to prepare for the XML exam. Therefore, it is good to use as many books and online resources as possible.

Q. What other books are useful for Certification Study?

A. XSLT Programmers Reference (Wrox), XML in a Nutshell (O'Reilly), XML Bible

Q. What are good beginners books on XML?

A. Some considers Wrox's Beginning XML to be the best book to start with. A Complete Idiot's Guide to XML is accurately named, a very easy book without a lot of information. It may be useful as something to get you started. XML for Dummies is at a somewhat higher level. If money is an issue, there is plenty of beginners information online.

Q. What information does IBM give on its XML exam?

A. 142

Q. Are there posts with good information on the XML exam?

A. Passed test 141, Books and Preparation time, Online resources

Q. How do I get started in XML?

A. See the question on beginners books. However, there are many online tutorials available that discuss the basics.

Q. What is the pass mark and time limit on the IBM XML exam?

A. You have 90 minutes to get 38 of 57 correct. Some people have reported time pressure, although they usually did not pass.

Q. What is the ideal preparation for the IBM XML exam?

A. Use online tutorials and "Beginning XML" to get started. Study the books recommended by IBM. Use IBMs sample exams and XMLWhiz.

Q. Are there any other XML certifications besides IBMs?

A. There are online certifications available at,, and Although these certifications have different objectives from IBM's exam, they may be useful practice exams which you can take repeatedly. Getting a score among the leaders may be possible on some online certifications: that will probably look good on your resume, although simply having an online certification may not belong on your resume.

Q. What skills go along with XML?

A. Java, web development, and databases are often used with XML. However, having skills not often seen with XML can be valuable, as it may be hard to find someone with that combination.

Q. What languages do you need to know to learn XML?

A. Anyone with a decent software background can learn XML. I would say that XML is easier to learn and get certified in from scratch than Java. It is somewhat similar to HTML, so HTML background helps. Knowing SGML is a big advantages, as the to languages are very close. It helps to know Cascading Style Sheets. Web development background helps. However, XML is used as a data transfer format apart from web uses. Background with parsing and string manipulation languages such as Perl helps. A lot of XML jobs require Java, but there is no similarity between the languages of Java and XML. The IBM exam is called "XML and Related Technologies". Learning XML for certification and practical use involves learning related languages such as DTDs, XSLT, and Xpath.

  Tips for the exam

  1. One should have some working knowledge on XML for scoring high.
  2. Just reading the theory will not help much, as most of the questions are scenario based questions.
  3. XSD, XPath, XSLT and DTD are the most important portions of this exam.
  4. XML design and performance related questions are also expected.

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