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January2013 Journal   

The CodeRanch Journal January 2013

Howdy from everyone at the Ranch!

What's new?

We have three shiny new features to celebrate our fourth year on JForum.

  • cows and leaderboard
  • beta look and feel
  • multi-forum support
See the announcement thread to read more about them or leave us some comments.

We also have a new forum Blog around the Campfire Want to talk about your blog? Don't have a blog, but have a post you'd like to blog? This new forum is for you!

Blogs and discussions

And around the forums

Book Promotions and Reviews

Upcoming promos

We have a whole bunch of book promotions coming up starting this week. See the book promotion schedule to see how and where you can win a free book.

Book Review


If you have any feedback about this edition or the Ranch journal in general, then feel free to open a new thread in our Ranch Office forum

About the editor

Jeanne Boyarsky has been a member of CodeRanch since 2003 and a moderator since 2004. She was involved in the original JForum migration and never stopped coding for the Ranch.

All this and much, much more on

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