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JForum Tips   

Supplementing the official manual, some members have been writing extra documentation and tips.

Initial considerations

Two notes:

  • When running on OpenJDK, the JCaptcha.jar needs replacing, or CAPTCHA-based views and operations will fail. See the post on JCaptcha needs patching
  • Which database should I use? HSQLDB is provided for assessment (and, as an embedded database, needs no installation). A standalone DB is recommended for production, though - most databases with a JDBC driver will work; see the link above.

Using Eclipse

The following notes and links are for those interested in developing JForum code within the Eclipse IDE.

If some help or a reminder is needed, this external Apache/Tomcat tutorial is a good start.

Please note: for all installations of JForum on Eclipse, Manual configuration of JForum is recommended.

JForum can appear to work in Eclipse without any setup, or after use of the installer, but this will cause problems later. For further Eclipse quirks, and the original post on database behaviour in Eclipse, see,

Using JForum as intended

On both the original site, and the JForum2 bugfix site, JForum is supplied as a pre-compiled binary download. Like other advanced forum softwares, JForum is a specialised CMS, and can be configured and templated without touching source.

The two sites differ in their binary publishing - the original JForum supplies a .jar, the Google-based JForum2 supplies .wars. The following may be of interest to users of Eclipse and other IDEs also,

Using JForum source in Eclipse

If the intention is to make internal changes, or contribute to a JForum codebase, source code will need to be imported into Eclipse. Here is a post based on the Google-based JForum2 recommended method (which uses a svn download),

If source is required for internal modifications, but not contributions, here is a clean, fast way to import source code into Eclipse,

Working with JForum configuration

JForum has an extended, well-developed configuration system.The system listens to configuration files for changes, for example, so there is no need to recompile or reload servers. For a fuller list of features, see About the features of the JForum configuration system

Theming Howtos and notes

Working with JForum structure

From the maintainer of Google JForum2,

Hacking JForum

For special features, source is easy to hack. Here are two features added by members,

Some advanced usage considerations


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