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Let Them Do Their Own Homework   

Is the purpose of JavaRanch to disseminate knowledge, or is the purpose to act as "homework police"?

If you see a post that you suspect is school-related work, and you believe that it is wrong to help students with their homework, then do not help. Incomplete answers hurt more than they help--and may actually do a disservice to someone who is legitimately asking for help (FirstRuleDoNoHarm).

Experienced programmers know that the best way to learn how to program is to actually write programs. Students who try to cheat by getting others to do their work for them will end up paying for it on their school exams, or (if they actually manage to graduate) will quickly become exposed as inept when they attempt to get a job.

Recognize that you do _not_ know if the poster is actually asking you for help with their homework unless they actually tell you so. Perception is not reality, therefore it is best to err on the side of caution.

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