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May2011 Journal   

T h e . C o d e R a n c h . J o u r n a l May 2011 Edition

Howdy from all the CodeRanch staff, and welcome to the May edition of the CodeRanch Journal. This month's journal editor is bartender, Jaikiran Pai.

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I n t e r e s t i n g . C o d e R a n c h . F o r u m . P o s t s

* Ranchers discuss whether Swing is still popular for developing desktop applications -

* Why does RAM always double during an upgrade -

* Interesting discussion on how games have evolved over the years -

* CodeRanch is not just about Java, we also have some interesting discussion on some other languages:

I n t e r e s t i n g . S t a f f . B l o g s

* Bartender, Jesper de Jong blogs about parallel collections in Scala -

* Sheriff, David O'Meara blogs about setting up a development environment for Liferay -

B o o k . P r o m o t i o n s

There's a book promotion just about every week at the CodeRanch. Just ask a question about the book in the appropriate forum and you're eligible to win. Right now, Clojure in Action by Amit Rathore is up for grabs. Maybe you'll win a copy?

Winners of our past book promotions for the month of May are:

* Pro Android 3 -

* Beginning Android Games -

* Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites -

B o o k . R e v i e w s

* Agile Hiring -

* Software Build Systems: Principles and Experience -

* Java Generics and Collections -

* Rails 3 Way -

* Individuals and Interactions: An Agile Guide -

I t ' s . N o t . J u s t . P r o g r a m m i n g

* Marshal, Ernest Friedman-Hill shares one of his many beautiful paintings

Some of his other paintings that he shared at CodeRanch, include:

* Have you seen some funny or useless comments in code? Here are some amusing ones

S u g g e s t i o n s / F e e d b a c k

If you have any general suggestions about the CodeRanch journal, then feel free to open a new thread in our Ranch Office forum

T h i s . M o n t h ' s . E d i t o r

Jaikiran Pai has been a member of JavaRanch since 2005 and a moderator since 2007. He works for JBoss and is part of the JBoss Application Server and JBoss EJB3 development team. You'll find him occasionally blogging at

J o u r n a l . A r c h i v e

Our previously published journals are available online:

And, thanks for sponsoring this edition of the Journal.

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