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October2013 Journal   

The CodeRanch Journal

October 2013 Edition

Howdy from all the CodeRanch staff, and welcome to the October edition of the CodeRanch Journal.

News From The Ranch

  • We got a lot of new features this month, which you can check here: CodeRanchReleaseNotes. Ranchers caring about their cows will certainly be delighted to learn that their cows are now displayed on badges, and they can get notified by email whenever their beef stock registers a new addition! (If you aren't familiar with cows yet, please see the introductory thread.)

Coderanch FAQs And Articles

We have a lot of FAQs and articles on our site, which are sometimes frequented less often than they would deserve. Winston Gutkowski, one of our honorable bartenders, has recently started to put together useful pieces of advice targeted especially at the greenhorns in Java and programming in general. Quite surprisingly, the first thing he has to say is: Stop coding!

Interesting Blogs And Discussions

October Movie Special

Our ranchers recently got into a movie frenzy. We discuss movies in and out. The ones to see, the ones to avoid, and some even get a thread of their own! Check out for yourselves:

  • Be sure to have a look in the Meaningless Drivel forum for movies prominent enough to warant their own thread. Do we miss some? Come in and let us know!

Book Promotions

We've got two promos running right now, and a few more in the following weeks. Check the book promo schedule.

Book Reviews

About The Editor

Martin Vajsar has been a member of CodeRanch since 2010 and a bartender since 2012.

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Any feedback or suggestions about this edition or the Ranch journal in general is welcome in this edition's Ranch Office thread

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