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Ranch Cows   

Earning Cows 

How do you know who is really helpful and knowledgeable around the ranch? Check out the cows. Moderators and Ranchers can grant cows to other members. How do you earn a cow? Just post and be helpful. Then wait for someone to notice.

As soon as you earn cows, they will start getting displayed below your display name in all your posts like


The post(s) which resulted in you earning a cow, also show up as

Cows grant you some special privileges here at the Ranch:

1) If you have at least 5 cows, you can post in the Rattlesnake Pit - our forum for controversial non-tech topics. We've assumed if you have 5 cows, you know how to be civil. If not - well - we can always ban you from that forum. In other words, we will prevent the troublemakers from using that forum so come hang out with us there.

2) Once you become a ranchhand, you can vote in topics with cow polls. And if you have any cows, you can have additional votes. The ranch believes that opinions matter, and that includes the opinions of your cows.

3) If you have at least 1 cow, you can use the "flag" feature. The flags might look like blue ! to you. (that's because they are.) For each cow you have, you are allowed to place one flag on a thread that you didn't start. These are displayed to all visitors so they can see what topics could use some extra love. You'll get your flags back when the post is marked as resolved or if you take them back manually.

4) If you have at least 6 cows, you will obtain the ability to have more bumper stickers. Bumper stickers are cool. Earning cows are cool, so one should lead to the other right?

5) If you have at least 5 cows, you will be trusted to maintain the integrity of topic conversations. By default, a post is restricted from editing, once it has been responded to. With 5 cows, the restriction is relaxed a bit.

6) Respect. You did earn those cows from the coolest moderators around, right? :).

Granting Cows

What if you're one of those cool members who can grant cows? Pretty sweet huh! Well let's not get carried away, there are some limits to the number of cows you can grant per day. The rules are:

  • Rancher: can grant maximum of 1 cow per day
  • Bartender: can grant maximum of 3 cows per day
  • Saloon Keeper: can grant maximum of 10 per day
  • Sheriff: can grant maximum of 30 per day
  • Marshal, Marshal Commander and Trailboss: can grant unlimited cows per day

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