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Retired Staff   

  Out on the range

These are people who used to help us with the ranch, as bartenders or in other ways. For one reason or another they have moved on (usually, 'cause they got busy with something else) but they've been important contributors in the past. You may see some out on the range, as they pass by the ranch now and then if they have time. In fact some of our current bartenders "retired" and then came back. So you never know when you might see one of these guys again. For now, here's a big THANKS from us to all our past volunteers.



  Maha Anna

Maha is a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

She is very quiet and shy unless you ask her about Java, and then she's like a dam breaking on the river.

Maha holds her famous mock exam list - the third important resource after JLS and Java API !

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  Gregg Bolinger

Gregg Bolinger is an independent consultant. He lives in Wichita, KS with his wife Candace and three children Benjamin, Alexandria, and Christian. He also has a cat named Charlie and a dog named Maddie.

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  Frank Carver

Frank is a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Warwick and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from the University of East Anglia, and is working on a Master's degree with the Open University.

Frank runs a consultancy company Efficacy Solutions Limited which specializes in Server-side Java, but is currently employed by iO Global Ltd - a start-up company located at British Telecom's Adastral Park research site.

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  Ulf Dittmer

Ulf has programmed everything from a 1424 byte Sharp PC-1211 to a 512 node IBM SP2 cluster (at the time the 6th fastest computer on earth). Over the years he's worked in a variety of industries in everything from tiny startup to very-blue-chip company, variously as team lead, project lead, developer, architect, IT manager, CTO and freelance consultant. He's contributed to numerous open source projects such as cewolf, ImageJ, JLog, Amateur, ProfileViewer and JForum2. In addition, he's reviewed a lot of books, written some articles, and was a tech reviewer for the 2nd edition of Head First Servlets and JSP. Lately he's added Android to his toolchest, which has resulted in the Ping & DNS app for TCP/IP network diagnostics being available in the Google Play Store, amongst other projects. More about Ulf can be found on his web site.

Ulf was made a Bartender in 2005, and has been a Sheriff since 2007. Email

  Cindy Glass

Cindy is a Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (1.2 as well as 1.4).

She is a Senior Information Specialist (that's secret code for a programmer/analyst) for Electronic Data Systems (EDS). She has been working on the GM account in the Detroit, Michigan area since she started. They have been kind enough to keep her around for 17 years. Most of her work experience has been in mainframes (but that is changing!!).

Cindy has a BS in Chemistry from the University of Michigan, and a BS in Math from Michigan State University.

When she is not working or hanging around the JavaRanch she spends time with her 3 pre-teen daughters and watches her husband in his on-going attempt to complete the house that he is building for them (slowly ... as they live in it). Luckily a person can do a lot of reading while watching construction work.

Cindy is co-author of Mike Meyers' Java 2 Certification Passport

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  Max Habibi

Mehran (Max) Habibi graduated with a BS in software engineering from The Ohio State University, where he was a member of the honors program. His professional tenure includes professional Java trainer, as well as positions with BankOne, IBM, MCI WorldCom, OCLC, Executive Jet, University Lecturer-Franklin University, and independent consulting.

Technologies of interest include J2SE, J2EE, J2ME, Struts, XML/XSLT, .NET, VC++, and VB. Max holds certifications in VC++, SCJP&SCJD, and other, similar geek stuff. His professional focus has been on architecture, project leadership, programming from the mid-tier on back, and corporate java training. He has lectured nationally and internationally on Java, and acts as the CTO for Influxs Solutions in case you need any consulting help ;).

Non professionally, Max is an amateur boxer, and teaches martial arts at the Ohio State University. He teaches Jeet Kune Do Concepts(7 years), though he has a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do (11 years), a brown belt in Judo (5 years), has boxed for a year under the Olympian Kelvin Seabrooks, and has entered and won full contact, mixed martial arts amateur cage matches (in younger days: he's not nearly so crazy anymore). He also enjoys soccer, and has ruined his chess by playing too many speed games. It should be noted, however, that he still plays a good game against the Dragon variation of the Sicilian.

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  Mark Herschberg

Mark Herschberg (the one not in the dress :-) has received both a bachelors and masters degree in EE/CS from MIT. His masters thesis was the world's first secure electronic voting implementation (done using Java, of course).

Currently, Mark is the VP of Engineering at Trafficmac in NYC. Throughout his career Mark has worked in numerous industries (development of the Curl language, enterprise JOLAP systems, financial modeling and simulations, wireless EAI) as well as academia (MIT, HBS). Starting with Java in 1996, he has worked with J2ME, J2SE, and J2EE applications, and sat on Sun's JSR-75 (J2ME PDA Profile). Mark has done numerous speaking engagements and guest lecture throughout the US and often speaks at JavaOne. He also is on MIT's UPOP steering committee, and teaches annually at the program.

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  Mapraputa Is

Mapraputa is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and IBM Certified Developer for XML and Related Technologies.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics from the University of Saratov, Russia.

Mapraputa used to be a bartender of the Programmer Certification forum. When she has a couple of free hours she diligently checks other forums searching for something to argue with.

The contact page is her pet page.

She is co-author of Mike Meyers' Java 2 Certification Passport.

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  Ajith Kallambella

Ajith is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect and holds several other certifications from Sun and IBM. He is proud to be one of the oldies at the Ranch and enjoys brushing shoulders with several wise men of the Java world.

Ajith received his Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Bangalore University and a Post Graduate degree in Software Engineering from Harvard Extension school.

Ajith has worked over a decade in developing high-availability fault-tolerant enterprise systems, object-oriented frameworks, and solutions based on heuristics. He worked extensively with COM and DCOM technologies before becoming a Java fanatic. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and works as a senior architect for CDC's NEDSS initiative.

When not sipping Java, Ajith spends reading books, playing flute, gazing stars, hiking, and camping.

Ajith is co-author of Mike Meyers' Java 2 Certification Passport.

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  Lasse Koskela

Lasse is a software development geek, having a chronic addiction for interesting technologies. This addiction has led to learning a wide variety of technologies over the years ranging from Flash and PHP to XML and web services to Java and J2EE. Most recently, Lasse has picked up a new tool in the form of the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails web framework. His interests have also moved more towards peopleware and methods, worrying more about team productivity rather than byte code efficiency.

Working for a Finnish software consulting company Reaktor Innovations, Lasse spends his copious spare time between traveling from one consulting engagement to another on writing a book. Time will tell whether that project finishes on time.

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  Pauline McNamara

Pauline hangs out mostly at the Cattle Drive. It only took a few years, but she finally got through all the assignments and she's even been nitpicking other Cattle Drivers' code for a while now too.

A long time ago, like around Web -3.0, Pauline wrangled a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology from Stanford. Around the turn of the century she got a Masters in Geography from Fribourg University in Switzerland, polishing her French skills and picking up German along the way. Her biggest disappointment was dropping her only programming course, which, after finding refuge at JavaRanch, turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Pauline thinks that her official title, "scientific collaborator" for university eLearning programs, sounds kind of weird (it's a language thing). She really likes that learning is a job requirement, and that on any given day she gets to be a programmer, a teacher, an organiser, a dedicated cappuccino drinker (yes, that's every day).

She's been living with her partner in Switzerland since 1992. Once upon a time she was a serious athlete - now she manages to just barely stay in shape, mostly by biking to work, walking up the stairs, and running for the bus.

Pauline was made a Bartender in 2001 and has been a Sheriff since 2008 . Email

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  Jason Menard

Jason lives in Maryland where he is employed developing software on behalf of an international information technology products and services corporation.

He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. When Jason isn't working or arguing with somebody in Meaningless Drivel, he spends his free time working in his community where he actively volunteers as a firefighter / emergency medical technician, playing the occasional bit of guitar, indulging his bizarre taste in movies, inciting his two cats into psychotic frenzies, and seasonably disturbing the neighbors while expanding their vocabulary with his loud and creative use of the English language during televised New England Patriots games.

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  David O'Meara

David is not a Sun Certified anything in particular, but he has a few certs that are no longer valid.

He has a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Western Australia with a background in Mathematics and Engineering.

He currently works at a small company in Perth, West Oz that writes software for golf clubs. Dave prefers writing golf software to playing golf. He used to work for a company that would fly him around the world to work, and that was fun for a while too.

When he isn't working he pursues interests in programming, reading, computer games and moderating various Ranch forums. That is, he would if a wife, two sons and baby daughter allowed him any spare time. He also likes swimming, walking, cycling and has a gsoh.

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  Eric Pascarello

Eric Pascarello is the co-author of the 2006 Best Seller Ajax In Action (Manning) and also the author of JavaScript: Your Visual Blueprint for Building Dynamic Web Pages 2ed. (Wiley). Eric graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002 and somehow ended up as a programmer.

Eric specializes in (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, and Ajax on the Ranch. He also has interests in the following areas of programming: C#, AI, Security, and Site Usability. Note that Eric is not a Java guy, but lives on the dark side!

Eric spends his free time with his pets (more like a small zoo) which includes a dog named Ajax, a school of fish (all fresh water - 55 gallon tank, 45 gallon tank, ad a 150 gallon pond), a painted turtle named turtle, six parakeets (Weezer, Shaggy, Ice, YOOHOO, Digger, & Dot), a cockatiel named Baby, and a leopard frog. Eric would rather be outside hiking in the woods then sitting behind the desk any day, but will probably have his laptop attached to his side with a long extension cord!

The picture is an old picture of Eric and his wife in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  Thomas Paul

Tom is a Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform.

Tom has worked with Java for seven years, with a brief interlude in C# and .Net. Tom is a Project Manager of a Java/Web development group for Symbol Technology and teaches Java at Hofstra University.

Tom loves to read technical books and has reviewed more books for JavaRanch than any other sheriff or bartender. He fully intends to maintain this record against all challengers.

Tom lives on Long Island and is married with two children (read about Tom's son here: Down Syndrome: For New Parents). His wife, Michel, is an RN which means she owns lots of boring books that Tom has no interest in reading.

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  Marc Peabody

Marc loves JVM languages like Groovy, JRuby, and Scala. He codes in plain Java when better languages won't pay the bills.

Inside the Machine blog @marcpeabody

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  Ilja Preuss

Ilja is an impassionate programmer since secondary school. Starting with BASIC, he migrated to Pascal, C and C++. After some meandering, he finally started studying computer science, putting some more languages into his bag of tricks. For a couple of years he is now concentrating on Java, but also keeping an eye on the uprising of dynamically typed languages. At the moment his skills are utilized by an employer in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Currently he is mostly interested in the social aspects of software development. Especially the agile movement appeals to him, particularly the Extreme Programming process.

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  Jessica Sant

Jess is a software developer at JBoss, a Division of Red Hat on the JBoss Operations Network team. She has a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from Villanova University, a Master's in Software Engineering from Drexel University as well as her SCPJ 1.4 and SCWCD certifications. Thanks to JavaRanch, Jess got to speak at a Birds of a Feather Session at JavaOne 2003 with Michael Ernest and she was a technical editor (along with Val Crettaz) on Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates book, Head First Java

Now that Jess is done with school (for now) her spare time is taken up with rock climbing (top roping, lead climbing and bouldering), both for fun and for competition. To offset the climbing and programming, Jess is an avid knitter.

She is originally from Utah (no, she's not Mormon... yes, you were too going to ask) and is currently living near Philadelphia (so if you were looking for some girl named Jessica Bradley from Sandy, UT... you found her).

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  Dirk Schreckmann

Species Wintercampingminnesotan (w n t rk mp ngm n -s t n), not to be confused with Yeti or Neanderthal man, is perhaps an as-yet-unidentified subspecies of Homo sapiens, often found intentionally exploring places many would consider just plain uncomfortable.

Shown is one, named Dirk, as seen after a long, cold winter camping expedition, which must somehow resemble life on a ranch - just look at him!

This specimen seems to enjoy travel, learning new human languages and new technologies. When not busy learning a new application of web services, J2ME (the phone in the picture is Java-enabled), JavaServer? Faces, or something else Java, Dirk can be seen in the local Buddhist Temple, attending a Vietnamese lesson, or planning for the next adventure.

He is currently found living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, though he seems certain a sailboat someplace in the Pacific is calling his name. While on dry land, he's recently begun pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science from The Metropolitan State University in St. Paul.

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  Ben Souther

Ben is a Sr Java developer working Massachusetts. He's been developing software professionally for 10 years. In another life he managed shipping companies. Besides programming he enjoys messing about in old boats, large format photography, and guitar. Also see BioBenSouther.

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  Carl Trusiak

Carl is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer.

Carl is an employee of Descartes Systems, Inc. where he is developing a B2B application for Ocean Carriers. His past experience was with Lenders Services, Inc. which provides information to the mortgage lending industry. He was the lead Programmer for two projects involving servlets, XML, JDBC, RMI and integration with DEC-VAX Cobol legacy programs.

Carl is always here when there is a need for emergency page fixes or conversion of Ranch pages into more progressive formats, development of resources for Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam, an author of one of the campfire stories and a Ranch Code Barn stylist.

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  Marc Weber

Marc is a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

Being indigenous to the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, Marc is addicted to lowercase java (the steamy beverage). He does his best work in coffee shops, and readily admits this is part of the reason he picked uppercase Java as a language.

Marc was exposed briefly to BASIC in the early 1980's, but the programming bug remained latent for many years. He pursued other interests, including guitar, karate, art, journalism, and stand-up comedy. Eventually, he majored in Mathematics at Augsburg College, minoring in Chemistry and Studio Art. Since the mid-1990's, he has been employed in the financial services industry developing primarily in Lotus Notes.

Current addictions (other than java and Java) include writing experimental fiction, seeking out abstract films and music, buying shoes, and running.

Marc uses Mac computers. His cat, Milton, does not program.

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  Jim Yingst

Jim studied Engineering Physics at the University of Arizona, but subsequently was sucked into the programming job market instead. He now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, after years roaming the west as a migrant computer worker.

He seems to spend most of his free time obsessively visiting bookstores. On rare occasions he actually reads the stuff he buys, mostly science fiction. The rest of the time he's probably listening to obscure progressive rock bands, finding new Thai restaurants, mountain biking, or gradually working through his Netflix queue.

No one is sure what Jim does here, least of all Jim himself.

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  Tony Alicea

Tony is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer.

He's currently working as an e-commerce Java Developer at a major international "clicks and mortar" retailer.

Before discovering the beauty of Java, Tony put his BSc in physics to work on assembly language, FORTRAN and C programming.

Everybody having further interest in either Tony or Java, please visit Tony's Java Page.


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  Jason Adam

Jason currently works as a software engineer at Raytheon developing mission management software.

He holds a BS in Elementary Education and will be obtaining an MS in Computer Information Technology in May 2003. He has both the SCJP and SCWCD certifications.

Jason lives in Deer Trail, CO with his 3 horses, 5 dogs, 5 cats, 40 chickens, 5 guinea fowl, 1 goose and 3 goats. When not doing all things Java, nitpicking Cattle Drivers or hanging around the forums, he enjoys horse-back riding, camping, reading, and just hanging out with the animals.

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  Eric Barnhill

Eric is a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

He works as a freelance Web programmer and designer in New York City.

He's also a classically trained pianist, playing concerts here and there.

(It might look like he's playing foosball, but that's a piano).

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  Jose Botella

Jose is a is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, 35, Spaniard, single by now.

He likes dancing and swimming, listening to the radio and, most af all, Java. He dislikes football, politicians or religions.

Jose works for Telefonica, a carrier company in Spain, in the fields of ADSL, ISDN, PBAX, and data circuits. Having spent 4 years as a LAN (WNT) Administrator, he was exposed, some years ago, to RMI, JDBC, DHTML and SQL.

His goal is to become certified as a Java Developer and/or making programs for mobile phones with J2ME

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  Bill Bozeman

Bill a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

He is a Business graduate from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. He has a degree in Accounting and is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Bill made the switch to computer programming in 1998 when he started as a web developer, primarily as a database architect.

Bill has 3 boys, and spends all of his time either playing with his family, playing with his computer, or watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

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  George Brown

George works as a software engineer building Java/J2EE-based systems for a small and friendly company near London (UK). He is also a Sun Certified Java Programmer. When he isn't glued to his keyboard he loves to travel and do stuff.

George has written back-end software for the Ranch and has worked on a new version of the applet.

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  Kyle Brown

Kyle is an object developer who has "been there, done that, got the t-shirt". He discovered Java in 1996 after spending seven years in Smalltalk development, training and consulting, and has been doing the same for Java ever since. Currently, he's an Executive Java Consultant with IBM's Software Services for WebSphere group. In his work he focuses on identifying and promoting best practices approaches to Enterprise Java development.

Kyle holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master's degree (also in Computer Engineering) from North Carolina State University.

He is a frequent conference speaker, and publishes immodestly. He has written on subjects as far-ranging as design patterns, object-relational mapping frameworks, workflow, distributed object design and MVC frameworks. He is the author of The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion, Enterprise Java Programming With IBM WebSphere and the WebSphere 4.0 AES Workbook" for Richard Monson-Haefel's "Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition".

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  Simon Brown

Simon is a technical architect with Detica (Financial Services) and still likes to get his hands dirty with the code where he can. Simon has been involved in projects ranging from desktop clients to highly scalable distributed systems, where his specialist technology is Java. As a part of his day job, Simon helps mentor aspiring architects and strongly believes that the role of an architect isn't purely technical.

Simon founded in an aim to bring together content that reflects this view of what an architect's role entails. Additionally, Simon has written and contributed to a number of books about Java EE web technologies and is a frequent speaker on such topics. Simon's personal blog can be found at


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  James Clark

James learned BASIC structured programming on a Texas Instruments TI-99 4/A in the early 80's. He is eternally grateful to his Uncle Don who sent the PC from California as a gift. Uncle Don was a senior engineer at McDonnell Douglas and authored code algorithms for Apollo 11, the first spacecraft to land on the moon.

James studied Art and English as an undergraduate and joined a legal publishing company upon graduation. He quickly learned the VersaComp programming language as well as SGML and OmniMark languages -- key technologies for electronic typesetting, book publishing and CD-ROM creation.

For the next 13 years, James worked as a consultant to financial services firms and other legal publishing organizations. He holds a Master of Science degree in Publishing and a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from Pace University in New York.

Currently, James is a software architect at a global consulting and IT solutions provider.

In his spare time, James enjoys playing Chess online (with human opponents.) He first learned how to play Chess and think strategically, way back when with his TI-99 4/A. Thanks Uncle Don.

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  Bill Compton

Bill is a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

He is Chief Software Architect at EarthWatch, a remote sensing company. He has a MS in Computer Science. Bill and his family live in Colorado.

Bill does not collect dolls -- uh, I mean action figures, but does occasionally enjoy trying not to crash his RC glider.

Bill has written Ranch back-end software.

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  Valentin Crettaz

Valentin Crettaz received his MS degree in information and computer science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) where he graduated.

In 2001, he visited SRI International (Menlo Park, CA) where he worked as a software engineer. In summer 2002, he joined the Software Engineering Laboratory of EPFL as principal engineer. At the end of 2002, Valentin co-founded Condris Technologies, an aspect-oriented software development company that strongly focuses on software architecture. His research and development interests include aspect-oriented technologies, design and architectural patterns, web services, and software architecture. During his spare-time, Valentin moderates the Sun Certified Java Programmer Forum at He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Developer for the Java 2 Platform.


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  Mike Curwen

Mike is Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4.

He did manage to complete a diploma program called Information Systems Technology, which was much better than the one he started doing, which was called Computer Engineering Technology. He didn't really care for how a circuit worked, but preferred programming them to do interesting things.

Oddly enough, he only took one Java course in his programs, an elective that he ahem, never finished. (note to Mr. Hofman - I'll get those last two assignments in someday). So most of his Java was learned 'on the job', which meant it got hammered in with blunt instruments.

His favourite shows are Star Trek (any version), West Wing and Law & Order.

If you disagree with the following statement: "The Matrix is the best film EVER", Mike doesn't wish to speak with you.

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  Johannes de Jong

Johannes has been into computers since July 1977, his 30th Anniversary is coming up. He started off programming in Assembler & PL/1 on a IBM 360.

His career has touched every conceivable platform, he even picked up his Novell Certification along the way, and has programmed in almost all commercial languages (Assembler, PL/1, Cobol, Fortran, Basic, even Lisp). Johannes has been told that having done and seen it all -OO being the noticeable exception- is his best selling point. At times he, however, regrets not having specialized and stuck with it.

Johannes hopes to actually specialize in Java one day, but seeing that he's learning it in his free time as a hobby, it might take a while.

In the meantime he will carry on enjoying what old Big Blue has to offer - yes, he has gone full circle back to programming in PL/1!

I'm honored to be on this page with all the Java Guru's -- Johannes de Jong

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  Peter den Haan

Peter is a self-taught Sun certified Java developer working as a senior systems engineer at Objectivity Ltd in Coventry, UK. He holds a doctorate in theoretical physics from the University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Software design, database design and all things J2EE are some of his favourite pastimes. The development process became another strong interest after experience had taught him that technical skills are only one of the ingredients of a successful project. When time allows, he loves to pop into the 'ranch saloon. He thinks there's only one worthwhile way to do things - aim high and go for it - and tends to be his own worst critic.

Peter's wife Inger has to share him with his books, CDs, classical guitar and the computer. They both love walking.

Peter is a co-author of Beginning Java Networking.

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  Michael Finney

Michael is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun Certified Developer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java 2 Platform.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from NWMSU.

Michael has been using object-oriented techniques since 1993.

He is the cofounder and a current member of PPJDG and he belongs to ACM. He is co-founder of the Colorado Springs XP Users Group (cosAgile) as well.

Michael has been using Java since 1996 - the old JDK version 1.0.2

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  Barry Gaunt

London born Barry Gaunt has been administrating and programming computer systems since 1969. Barry graduated in 1971 at the City University, London with an honours degree in Mathematics, much to the shock and surprise of his earlier school teachers.

He has worked in such diverse fields as Telecommunications, Insurance, Ship Design, Electric Power Systems (SCADA), Office Automation, Financial Options Trading, and Electronic Stock Exchanges. Barry has programmed in languages as varied as Assembler, Fortran, Algol, Pascal, C, C++, Python and now Java. For the last 23 years he has been working and living near Zurich, Switzerland and now holds both British and Swiss nationality. Barry is married and has two sons still at school.

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  Stephanie Grasson

Stephanie is a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

She develops image processing and analysis software for ground-based and space flight experiments as a contractor to the NASA Glenn Research Center. She enjoys travel and SCUBA diving.

Stephanie is the creator of the JavaRanch's best-of-breed artwork.

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  Jane Griscti

Jane is a Sun Certified Java Programmer. She lives and works in the Greater Toronto area.

Jane is married and has two children. Her hobbies are decorative painting and reading, sci-fi, fantasy, literature, murder mysteries, espionage, even cereal boxes!

She is the gatekeeper for the book reviews and the creator of Uncle Martin's Ghost Stories Page. Jane is co-author of Mike Meyers' Java 2 Certification Passport

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  Deeksha Gunwant

Deeksha earned a BS in Computer Science from IET Lucknow (India). Currently she is working in Calcutta (India).

She enjoys reading and surfing the net especially different Java sites.

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  Peter Haggar

Peter Haggar is a Senior Software Engineer with IBM in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and the author of the best selling book, Practical Java Programming Language Guide, published by Addison-Wesley.

He has a broad range of programming experience, having worked on development tools, class libraries, and operating systems. At IBM, Peter works on emerging Java technology, including real-time Java and service discovery technologies.

Peter is also a frequent technical speaker on Java technology at numerous industry conferences. He received a B.S. in computer science from Clarkson University.

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  Burkhard Hassel

Burkhard currently cares about the algae collection in the botany institute in Hamburg, Germany.

He has no Sun certification that he knows of, but a PhD in developmental biology instead. As far as he remembers it had something to do with nerve cells. He worked in developmental biology in Cologne, Hamburg (twice!), Berlin and Heidelberg.

His first computer was a Sinclair ZX81 with an awe inspiring random access memory of sixteen thousand bytes. By now, he's got another one.

He likes mountain biking, including occasional geocaching, and is an ardent fan of Nemo.

For his personal development, Burki has been planning a train robbery since the mid 90's.

Being a multi-talented guy, Burkhard is fondly remembered for his legendary explanation of garbage collection using bananas.

  Solveig Haugland

Solveig is a course developer at Java Course Development for Sun Educational Services. She's been working at Sun since a couple years after Scott McNealy came to talk to her company in 1995 about Java and she thought, in an offhand casual sort of way, "Gosh, it'd be kind of cool to work for Sun."

She codes little tiny Java programs when the mood hits her, but she spends more time wrassling with StarOffice. Her book, "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love StarOffice," (also titled StarOffice 5.2 Companion) is available at fine click-and-mortar stores everywhere.

She spends her spare time being thankful that the book is done, going on weekend airplane trips, and cat-juggling.

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  Merrill Higginson

Merrill works as a senior consultant for Sima Solutions, which is a small but spunky consulting company specializing in IBM WebSphere solutions.

He's one of those people who got into IT in the 80's without any formal training. However, since then he's passed the SJCP and obtained a number of IBM WebSphere certifications. He has a Bachelors Degree from Brigham Young University in Music Education and a Masters Degree in Choral Conducting from the University of Utah.

Merrill claims that music is still his first love, but now makes music a hobby rather than a profession. He has sung for many years with the Pacific Chorale although recently travel for consulting gigs has put an end to singing with them. He also plays the piano for his own enjoyment and for church groups.

Merrill is also an avid cyclist, and enjoys tooling around Southern California on his road bike. He can also be found enjoying Southern California's beaches on most weekends.

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  Nitesh Kant

Nitesh has been a part of the ever growing software industry in India since 2002, after doing his B.Tech in metallurgical engineering from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University. Currently, based out of Bangalore, he is working for a company called sonoa systems building a cutting edge SOA/cloud governance product.

In the good old college days, nitesh was a vocalist in his college rock band and the people who were victimized by his singing are still nursing ear pains. Since then he has learned to strum the guitar and now indeed he is a "double trouble"!

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  Madhav Lakkapragada

Madhav is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer.

More popularly known by his middle name Satya, he currently works with a software company in Cincinnati, OH.

He has a Masters degree from University of Cincinnati, OH. This BearCat is originally from Hyderabad or otherwise known as Cyberabad - the IT capital of India.

Currently the moderator of Java in General (Intermediate) forum and a future moderator of Servlets and JSPs forum. In the past he was a passive moderator of the OO Patterns and XML/XSL forums.

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  Manfred Leonhardt

Manfred is a Senior Design Engineer at Caterpillar Technical Services Division.

He holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Purdue University, and an M.S. Computer Science from Rennselear Polytechnic Institute.

Manfred started programming back in 1980 using Fortran (punch cards). He got interested in developing graphical user interfaces in 1986, and progressed (self-taught) through all the major GUI tools from HP/Sun proprietary graphics to X/Motif/Windows to Visuals (Basic/C++/J++) to Java.

He is currently working towards the SCJP2 certification (for his own benefit).

Manfred spends most of his free time golfing (with anybody, any time), teaching his girlfriend how to golf, vacationing at golf resorts, or playing in any golf tournament that he can afford.

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  Balaji Loganathan

Balaji is currently working in Geneva for an international organization. He holds a Master degree from Australia in IT, and has earned IT experience in Australia, Singapore & India. He is currently working on a project involving data modeling, web services, XML, J2EE and .NET.

He loves nature, forests, and country side driving with mild music. He also plays badminton weekly and is learning French. He recently started eating beef, veal, pork, frog, octopus & oyster.

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  Layne Lund

Layne first started programming with GWBASIC in high school. After graduating in 1994, he decided to pursue his love of computers and work towards a degree in Computer Science at Ricks College in Rexburg, ID. Although he did not complete his Associate Degree there, he later transfered to the University of Idaho and with Bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics in 2005. After a summer of job hunting, he started to pursue a Masters Degree in Mathematics at the University of Idaho. Layne still lives in Moscow (Idaho) and a recent (fall 2006) job offer with a Seattle-based start-up might change this situation. Only time will tell.

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  Sean MacLean

Sean holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science as well as a Bachelor's degree in Music. After a career as a classical guitarist, he turned his interest in computers into his current career as an application developer at Cyberplex. Though primarily a Java developer these days, Sean's interests in the world of computers range from RMI and image and sound processing, to animation and digital audio/video editing.

When he isn't churning out Java code or practicing guitar, you'll often find Sean in the kitchen cooking a favorite dish or working on brewing the perfect espresso. Sean is a co-author of Beginning Java Networking.

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  Rahul Mahindrakar

Rahul is a SCJP2, SCJD2 and an SCJEA (Part 1).

He is presently working at Nokia in Helsinki, Finland for Zensar Technologies, Pune, India.

He has completed his Master's in Business Administration specializing Finance from Osmania University College of Business Management, Hyderabad - India.

He specializes in various J2EE technologies with focus on the IBM platform, and is now preparing for the last stage of SCJEA.

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  Herbert Maosa

Herbert is a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

He has a Bachelors Degree with a double major in Computer Science and Physics from the University of Malawi. He is now in Dallas, Texas, working on his Masters in Software Engineering.

When not beating on a computer, Herbert listens to jazz, plays chess and is a big soccer fan.

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  Philippe Maquet

Phil passed away during heart surgery on September 29, 2004, and is greatly missed. Here's how he described himself:

Phil lives in Brussels, Belgium.

He currently works as a Java Instructor for a Java teaching and coaching company based in Brussels.

He received a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Finance in '84 from the Institut Sup?rieur de Commerce Saint-Louis, Brussels, and first specialized in financial auditing. Yikes! In the meantime, he worked a few years in that area, before he found his calling.

Self-taught in IT, Phil worked from '86 as the lead developer of multiple development teams, on various projects, and exclusively in OO languages (C++, Delphi, Java) from '91 onward.

Phil loves projects which involve technical challenges, like the WYSIWYG Delphi form to HTML converter he wrote in '98.

He strongly believes that he owes JavaRanch his recent passion for teaching, hence his current job. So, when his girlfriend claims that "spare time" spells "JR", he hardly understands what she means.

Phil currently has two boys: Nicolas (21) and Max (13), and two SUN certs: SCJP 1.4 and SCBCD. But he's working on having a little girl and obtaining the next three SUN certs.

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  Ray Marsh

Ray is a Senior Systems Analyst for PETsMART Direct.

He works as a freelance Web programmer and designer in New York City.

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  Michael Matola

Michael Matola works as a database application developer on a large PeopleSoft implementation (production support, yucky procedural languages, but on a fun day he'll get to write some of the oddest ad hoc SQL queries you've ever seen). He hopes that by hanging around JavaRanch enough, some of this Java and OO stuff will rub off onto him. Interests include inline skating and travel.

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  Corey McGlone

Corey holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from UW-Platteville and is SCJP certfied. Corey currently works in Rochester, Minnesota, for Relion Corp.. He even built their webpage - it's not great, but it's all Java and XML! While not sitting at the computer, Corey enjoys all types of sports. He is an avid golfer, plays lots of racquetball, and enjoys ice skating in the Winter. Corey loves hockey (not that he plays, but he enjoys watching it) and follows the Pittsburgh Penguins very closely. Of course, being from Green Bay, Corey is also a die hard Packers fan. Of course, now that he lives in Minnesota and is surrounded with Viking fans, he's an EVEN BIGGER Packers fan.

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  Joseph McGuire

Joe is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and a BEA WebLogic Certified Developer.

He's a member of the E-Commerce group at Gamma Enterprise Technologies in Woodland Hills, CA, and makes his home in West Hartford, CT. Joe attained his BA in Philosophy from Penn State, and is currently pursuing a joint MBA/MS Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Joe created and maintains a website for BEA WebLogic Certification at Away from work, Joe can be found going to tai-chi class, studying Russian and Danish, and mostly spending time with his daughter and twin sons.

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  Joel McNary

Joel is a Sun-Certified Java Programmer who has been working with Java for approximately four years. He first heard of Java while he was an undergrad at Swarthmore College, where he was studying for a Religion major and Computer Science minor. First believing that it was no more than a fad language, he stayed away from it for years. Then, after learning and loving the Objective-C language, he discovered that Java, while it looked and sounded like C++, shared the same semantic origins (Smalltalk) as did Objective-C. Since then, he has come to embrace and love the language.

Joel is currently working as a consultant in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, although he will tell anybody that his allegiance still lies with the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, where he grew up. His hobbies are too many to list, although they include board games (particularly German ones), English Country Dance, round-singing, Legos, and magic. Joel is married to his wife Sarah and has two children, Michael and Brian.

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  Matt Midcap

Matt Midcap is a Sr. Software Development Architect at Harland Financial Delivery Systems in Denver, Colorado.

He earned his Master's in Software Engineering at the University of Denver in 1999 and is currently preparing for the Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam.

When not working he enjoys riding his motorcycle(s), flying, long-range target shooting, fishing, and hanging out with Bandit the wonder dog.

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  Bodie Minster

Bodie is a relative newcomer to Java. He got started learning the language in 1998, and he is entirely self-taught. Bodie is currently working as a programming consultant in Olathe, Kansas.

His family keeps him pretty busy, but in his "spare time" he likes to go fishing, run with his dog, and write code.

Bodie's wife always says that if Bodie didn't like programming so much he could call himself a computer programmer. But since he loves it, he must be a computer geek!

Bodie is one of the prominent Ranch Code Barn workers.

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  Michael Morris

Michael is both a Sun Certified Programmer and Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform.

Michael read his first book on Java in 2000 and finally found the Holy Grail after nearly thirty years of searching. Before that he programmed in several procedural languages including FORTRAN and C and the less than perfect OO language C++ on various platforms ranging from IBM 1130 to SUN II running UNIX.

Michael co-founded MSquared, a small East Texas steel drafting company in 1981. MSquared has played a big role in automating steel details for fabrication, working with large companies like Dow Chemical and Bechtel Engineering. Msquared has provided drawings for some of the largest construction projects undertaken in the US.

Michael is married with five children. His wife Shannon is a school bus driver, children are Daniel 25, Mikey 22, Ivy 21, BJ 18, and Angel 14. He just inherited another son, Joe, who recently married Ivy.

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  Carol Murphy

Carol has a background in the arts, and used to be a professional dancer. Although she spent a few years working as a show girl in Vegas and Reno, the bulk of her dancing career was devoted to Classical Ballet, in which she holds a Masters Degree from United States International University in San Diego, California.

Since retiring from the stage, Carol has held a number of weird jobs, ranging from directing amateur dance companies to outfitting the commercial salmon fleet in Northern California.

A former technophobe, Carol was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of computers when she was acting as an educational facilitator for distance learning at a Charter School in California. The job required a computer with internet access, the idea being that most communication with the students and the school would be done via the internet, and a good part of the curriculum would be delivered on the net. The job didn't last very long, but Carol's interest in computers did. Wanting to learn how to communicate with these fascinating machines became an obsession.

While wandering around on the net, Carol happened to stumble on to JavaRanch. It was a defining moment in her life.

Carol currently works as a pharmacy technician and substitute teacher in Half Moon Bay, California. She is married and has a son who is in high school, 4 cats, 2 ducks, and 23 rabbits. (She started with just 2.)

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  Wouter Oet

Wouter is a young software developer with an interest in about anything that is ICT related. He is OCPJP certified and pursuing his bachelor in Computer Science.

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  Michael Pearson

Michael is a Sun Certified Java Programmer. He has grandiose plans of taking the SCWCD exam and the SCEA exams in the near future. Michael's formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue University.

In July 2001, Michael seized control of his life when he became an independent consultant. He specializes in the design of mission critical process control and information systems. Most of his professional focus revolves around the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Hydrocarbon industries. Michael likes projects that let him learn something, which keeps work interesting.

When not hanging out at JavaRanch, Michael likes to spend time with his wife and four cats.

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  Matthew Phillips

Matthew is a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

He has an Associate's Degree in Computer Programming from Gwinnett Technical College.

He is also a graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music. Matthew currently works on a help desk supporting network connected print devices, but he really wants to move into software development.

His interests include bass guitar, reading, programming, and role-playing games.

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  Nathan Pruett

Nathan received his BS in Computer Science from Armstrong Atlantic State University (Savannah, Georgia) in 1999. His first exposure to Java was in a comparative languages class there. His experiences in this course led him to take an optional course in Java the next summer. It's been all been downhill from there... He also recently finished a MS in Computer Science at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

He is currently working at LMN Solutions, and has 8 years of (professional) development experience, mostly in defense and government contracting. ...if I told you any more I'd have to kill you...

When he is not working, he plays computer games, entertains fantasies of being a game developer, reads (voraciously), spends time with his wife and daughter, and keeps his wife busy (trying to stay sane).

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  Jerry Pulley

Jerry is the most mysterious person on the Ranch. Little is known about him, besides that he is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and once moderated our RMI/CORBA forum.

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  Peer Reynders

In 1980 Peer made the fateful decision that he wouldn't let those perishing computers intimidate him. During the somewhat obsessive pursuit of that goal he obtained an H.B.Sc. (Computing and Computer Electronics) at WLU and an M.A.Sc. at University of Waterloo . More recently, to attain just a small modicum of credibility when complaining about these technologies, he also became certified as a MCSD.Net 1.0, SCJP 1.4, SCWCD 1.4, SCBCD 1.3 and SCDJWS 1.4. To further master his craft he is currently focusing his investigations on recent developments in object-orientation/patterns (and beyond), agile practices and the use and abuse of web services. This also serves as a perfect cover to feed the addiction of a bookaholic.

Peer currently works as an independent software development consultant.

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  Jamie Robertson

Jamie is born and raised in the Great White North (Thunder Bay, Ontario). He has a geography degree, programmer/analyst diploma and is completing his BSc in Math in his spare time. He is married with a 2.5 year old son. He spends as much time as possible out on the lake fishing. His largest fish to date is the 40+ lb shinook salmon (could have been more, but the scale (50 lbs max) busted when he hung this monster from it). His goal in life is to hit the professional fishing tour and make enough money to quit his day job. Oh yeah, Jamie also pays for his fishing addiction as well family expenses by programming in java on a local college's student information system.

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  Desai Sandeep

Sandeep is one of the very few Jcert Certified Professionals from Oracle. Perhaps he is the only one certified by Oracle at JavaRanch!

He holds a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from Regional Engineering College (REC), Rajasthan University, Jaipur and a Masters degree in Construction Management from National Institute for Construction Management and Research (NICMAR), Pune. His areas of expertise includes UML, J2EE and Oracle-specific Java Technologies. He has also worked on VisionPLUS - a world leading Payment Systems application developed by Paysys Inc. He has a special interest in Project Management and expects to obtain related certifications in the near future.

Sandeep is a skillful table tennis player. While away from work, he relaxes by listening to music and watching CNN. In particular he enjoys travelling, meeting people and socializing with them.

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  Shailesh Sonavadekar

Shailesh comes from the most ancient, most intellectual land, the land of the Ganges River, land of the Taj Mahal, land of Aryabhatta (inventor of zero). He is from the second most populous nation of the world, the largest democracy in the world, the land of software geeks. That's India.

He is an engineer by profession. His interests range from software engineering, UML, and use cases to operating systems and microprocessors (you can say the entire Computer Sciences). Moderator of the Process Forum and former Moderator of the XML, Performance forums. He likes to poke his nose into the Certification & OOPS forum.

Java is his lifeblood beginning right from 1997. Shailesh likes all areas of Java, J2SE, J2EE and J2ME.

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  Paul Sturrock

Paul works as a senior software engineer near Edinburgh, building various Java based systems. He was told to learn Java many years ago (despite originally spending most of his time using Microsoft technologies) and hasn't looked back. He managed to sneak out of the University of Glasgow in 1998 with a Masters in Information Technology stuffed up his sweater. Over the years he's worked with pretty much all the buzz word technologies, but tends to live in a J2EE world these days.

He has an unhealthy obsession with mountains, and a much of his spare time as is possible is spent charging around the Highlands, variously mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking or skiing.

He has very parochial views on football (the version where you really use your feet),! and believes the only truly beautiful game is played in Tannadice Park, Dundee. Don't talk to him about it, he will bore you to tears.

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  Peter Tran

Peter Tran is a Senior Software Engineer with Pros Revenue Management based in Houston, TX.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in E.E. and a Master in C.S. from Stevens Institute of Technology.

In his spare time, he is learning to be a father to a nine month old baby boy. He's currently working on his SJCP2.

Any remaining free time is dedicated to scheming for ways to win more free copies of Peter Haggar's "Practical Java" book.

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  Randall Twede

Randall is a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

He majored in Electronics Engineering and Music in community college earning an associate degree in Electronics Engineering way back in 1980. It was then he first developed a love for programming entering 0's and 1's from switches on the front of a PDP11. In the spring of 2000 he decided to learn to HTML and Java. He got his SCJP in 2001 and started college in 2002. He graduated with Associate degrees in computer programming and in computer support in 2004. He is currently working on his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Western Oregon University. If you ever see Randall outdoors he will probably be trying to save par.

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  Dave Vick

Dave is a Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform and is currently working towards his Bachelors degree in computer science from Cleveland State University and starting to study for the SCWCD.

Currently Dave works for a consulting firm and is contracted to the U.S. Postal Service. His current job title is programmer, although most of what he is doing are web-based applications. His goal is to get a real programming job, preferably using Java.

When not in school or work, Dave likes to spend time with his wife and their 8-year-old daughter. That is, when his wife can get his head out of a book. They also share their house with 1 dog (a 95 pound German Shepherd), 2 cats, and 5 fish.

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  David Weitzman

David, after several years of programming as a hobbiest, is currently attending Carnegie Mellon University as a Computer Science major (Class of 2007). He hails from northern New Jersey.

His non-technical interests include playing music (mostly jazz, piano and trumpet) and fencing.

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  John Wetherbie

John is a Sun Certified Java Programmer. He is currently working to become a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect.

He has a Bachelor's in Engineering from UCLA and a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Denver.

He currently works as a Software Architect in Denver, Colorado. His primary responsibilities include: providing snacks, comedy relief, and occasionally making technical contributions to a project.

John likes to read, explore the western United States, watch cartoons with his two sons, and hang out at JavaRanch.

Favorite Science Fiction Book: Startide Rising by David Brin - Favorite Science Fiction Movie: The Empire Strikes Back and Galaxy Quest (tie) - Favorite Monty Python Episode: Episode 7: You are No Fun Anymore - Favorite Drink: Cherry Coke

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  Sam Wong

Sam is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and currently working to become a Sun Certified Java Developer. He has a BS in Computer Engineering from University of Alberta, Canada and is currently completing his MBA part-time (hopefully this year!!).

He is currently working at Quadrus Development Inc in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. When he's not busy working or studying, he enjoys hockey, golf, movies and generally bumming around.

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  Michael Yuan

Michael is trained to be a black hole astrophysicist using some of the largest telescopes human beings ever made. His biggest achievement so far is to identify a class of super massive black holes in their early evolution stage (when the universe is still young...)

In his other life, Michael is an earthly technologist and photographer. His current interest is in wireless technologies and their applications in enterprise environments. He writes free software, contributes articles to major publications and speaks in conferences. He is currently working on his Enterprise J2ME book, which is a guide of enterprise mobility for Java developers.

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  Roseanne Zhang

Roseanne is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun Certified Java Web Component Developer and IBM Certified Developer on XML Technologies. She also teaches physics in a community college.

She is a contract senior software developer in many different industries, from telecoms to revenue management, from airplane dogfight cellphone games to real Navy airplane avionics, programming in different languages too (Java, C/C++, Ruby, XSLT, VB, etc).

Roseanne used to be a physicist and a long time teacher, and she still is. She once worked in a lab with a sign "Danger (a skull icon): power CO2 laser, strong magnetic field, and extremely poor physics graduate students."

Roseanne finally figured out a way to continue her beloved teaching career without the worry of being fired, or waiting for the next pay check. She created her not-so-personal website JavaChina for education purposes. You can visit it for C/C++, Java, XSLT, ANT FAQs. Roseanne served as a moderator at the famous Marcus Green website since 1999. With some other people, she started the "Dallas SCJD Study Group" in 2001, which is no longer active. Roseanne is also a jGuru forum/FAQ manager since 2002. Java started a second life for her.

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  Seetharaman Venkatasamy

Seetharaman is a Software Professional. currently working as a senior software engineer in intelliverse india R&D division and was working as a software engineer in oracle and IBM, india. He received his B.E in Computer Science from Anna University in 2006[Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi]. He is a Big fan of Software books and he likes to think of himself as a great cricket player.

Seetharaman holds two popular Sun Certifications : SCJP and SCWCD.

He was born in M.Reddiapatti, Tamilnadu, India.

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  Jeff Verdegan

Jeff has known since around age 11 that his life’s work was destined to be in the world of technology. The more people he meets in his life, the more certain he becomes of the rightness of spending his days conversing with boxes of sand. The TRS-80, Apple ][, and Vic 20 gave Jeff his first taste of programming, and Lo, the Angels Wept at what that small taste of power did to his mind--a mind which was, how shall we put it, not exactly anchored to the Rock of Gibraltar to start with, if you catch our drift.

He earned (or rather, somehow finagled) a BSEE from the University of Wisconsin after which he immediately moved to Japan, where he worked as a programmer for a subsidiary of Hitachi. In this job, Jeff did not gain any significant technical experience, but he did learn some important lessons, such as a basic ability to speak Japanese and the fact that, yes, there really are white-gloved guys standing on Japan’s subway platforms, cramming people into cars that make a sardine can look like the vacuum of space.

Over the next several years, Jeff worked at companies both large and small. (He prefers the small, as they’re the ones more likely to keep a fridge full of beer on the premises.) He wreaked havoc with the usual hodgepodge of languages—C, C++, Perl, TCL, shell scripts, etc., and, eventually, Java, which has been the mainstay of his alleged software development activities since 1998.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys cooking (though, unfortunately, not as much as he likes eating), being really awful at chess, rooting for the Packers, reading, and answering questions on Java forums.

Jeff feels really weird talking about himself in the third person.

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  Chan Ag

Chan feels her name, Chanchal Goyal, is too long; she prefers to be addressed as Chan. She has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Currently she is working as a software engineer in India.

Chan has been a bartender since 2013

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If you're a former JavaRanch staffer and you don't see your name listed here, it's probably because we don't have any bio info for you. Contact Ulf so we can include you too.

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