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Sand Box   

This page is a place to experiment and learn about editing and formatting pages.

Please leave this introductory text for new users, but feel free to edit anything below the line. Just click the "EDIT" link and play!

For tips on formatting text, see PageFormatting

Some additions in this new version

  • Diff mode - there's a "What's changed?" link at the bottom of a page
  • nicer looking URLs: Friki Release Notes
  • easier linking to JavaDocs by way of the Interwiki syntax: JavaDoc:javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet This works for J2SE and J2EE classes as well as for many other APIs from Sun, Apache and various third parties
  • alphabetically sorted search results
  • proper handling of non-ASCII wiki words and content (this one doesn't seem to work yet; I'll have to look into it)
  • digits and more than a single uppercase letter are possible in local wiki links: SandBox2006? FAtHUmp?
  • right-aligned images in addition to left-aligned ones
  • much easier to add new transformation, because the regexps are no longer part of the code, but are kept in an external file
  • intra-page links can now be made
  • HTTPS links are now recognized
  • definition lists can now contain colons
  • searching is no longer case-sensitive
  • two ways to link ISBNs to Amazon: ISBN 1234567890 pretty ISBN
  • roundtripping of HTML entities through edits: é A Γ
  • Can use quotes to pretty-print links to Friki pages Jeanne Boyarsky

This intra-page link jumps here:  

Please play below the line.

What is a moooooose?

A member of the deer family with large antlers. It's scientific name is Alces alces.

A moose is a spruce goose named Bruce with a loose noose in his caboose always ready for a truce.

The above is the product of too much juice.

There's a moose caboose loose in the hoose tonight

A moose was asleep, dreaming of moose juice. A goose was asleep, dreaming of goose juice. The dreams came together and mixed up the juices. A moose can't drink goose juice, it's juice for gooses. And a goose can't drink moose juice its the juices of mooses!

    import some.packaged.FileUtils;

    private static void highlightFile(String name, File in, File out, boolean verbose)
    throws IOException

        assert i % 3 == 2 : i;

        // that's some comment
                       new FileOutputStream(out),

        /** That's a javadoc comment. */
        if (verbose)

        List<Boolean> list = new ArrayList<Booelan>();
        if (i < 4System.out.println("too oops, data < three");

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<!DOCTYPE web-app
    PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN"

<web-app> <!-- comment -->


  <cdata attribute="important">
    <![CDATA[That's some CDATA!]]>
<frog />

Groovy too:
println "hello, world"
for (arg in this.args ) {
  println "Argument:" + arg;
// this is a comment
/* a block comment, commenting out an alternative to above:
this.args.each{ arg -> println "hello, ${arg}"}

  1. foo
  2. bar



Pride goes forth on a horseback, Happy and gay, but comes back on foot and begs for the way ! JavaDoc:com.sun.opengl.util.j2d.TextRenderer

JavaDoc:com.lowagie.text.rtf.text.RtfPhrase JavaDoc:com.itextpdf.text.pdf.fonts.cmaps.CMapParser

JavaDoc:java.lang.String JavaDoc:javax.servlet.http.HttpSession JavaDoc:org.hibernate.Criteria


For example:

  ./ -b <IP address>

AaAa? AaAA FOr Links just do this : FrikiFaq if a page does not exist like WhyNotUseScriptlets you can still make alink a nd click on it tomake the page

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