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Scea Wall Of Fame   

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SCEA Wall of Fame [order by Date]
Version Name Final Exam Date Part 1 Score Assignment Score Story Assignment What's Next Country
JEE6Mike DegteariovMar-31-201578%151/160-Team Doctor Hadoop Canada
JEE6Bora SevenMar-12-201571%140/160StoryBig Smokes Cigar Shop TOGAF9 Turkey
JEE6Rahul SharesthSep-19-201483%141/160-Dreamcar TBD India
JEE6Mahavir SinghAug-10-201471%140/160-Utility International Improve Architect skills India
JEE5Anuj SethiJul-1-201490%141/160- Team Doctor Improve architect skills IRE
JEE6Raffaele SangiovanniMay-1-201480%153/160-Wireless Phone Company Scrum ITA
JEE5Pothiraj MarichamyMar-1-201495%P-Team Doctor TBD USA
JEE5Sirish K Somanchi2013-06-1178%152/160-Team DoctorTOGAF9India
JEE5Marco Bresciani2013-01-3164%134/160-Wireless Phone CompanyRuby and RoRItaly
JEE5Subrahmanyam BV2012-12-1589%152/160-Team Doctor-India
JEE5Sachin Dixit 08-Dec-2012 78% 144/160-Team DoctorPMPIndia
JEE5Diego Lins de Freitas 11-October-2012 85% 140/160- Quick Computer IEEE - CSDP Brazil
JEE5 Juan Gonzalez del Pino 11-October-2012 P PStory Gusher Oil Not sure Spain
JEE5 Chandra S Billanuka 15-July-2012 P P- Wireless Phone Company TBD USA
JEE5 Chennakrishna R Gottam 29-July-2012 P P- Gusher Oil PEGA USA
JEE5 Srinivasulu Kopparapo 06-July-2012 P 71%"Here" Gusher Oil Java Enterprise Edition Certified Master USA
JEE5 Sudha Sundar 18-Feb-2012 P153/160Here Gusher Oil Oracle IT Implementation Specialist, PMP USA
JEE5 Neeraj Javiya 21-Jan-2012 PPHere Team Doctor TBD USA
JEE5Mahesh R. Desai 12-Dec-2011 PP- NA (JEE5 Upgrade) Oracle Linux Fundamentals, PMP California, USA
JEE5Sada Kurapati 22-Dec-2011 95%146/160Part I StoryGusher Oil TOGAF USA
JEE5Mahesh R. Desai 12-Dec-2011 PP- NA (JEE5 Upgrade) Oracle Linux Fundamentals, PMP California, USA
JEE5Eric Manuguerra 04-Oct-2011 85 P - Factory Homes TBD France
JEE5Mayur Bodkhe 27-Sep-2011 P 143/160 - Wireless Phone Company TBD UK
JEE5Sankha S Pathak 27-Aug-2011 P 155/160 - Wireless Phone Company TOGAF INDIA
JEE5Vignesh Murali Natarajan 21-Aug-2011 100 P - Big Smokes Cigar Shop PMP? India
JEE5M. A. Riveros T. 21-Aug-2011 P P - Dreamcar TBD Colombia
JEE5 Jari Timonen 29-JUN-2011 P P Part1 Factory Homes - Finland
JEE5Roxana Crisan17-Jun-201193P-DreamcarTBDRomania
JEE5Tan Chin Sheng 12-Jun-2011 96 P - Factory Homes TOGAF9 Singapore
JEE5Ashutosh Sharma 29-Mar-2011 P P Here Big Smokes Cigar Shop TOGAF9 USA
JEE5Martin Zisler 19-Jan-2011 P P - Gusher Oil JEE6 Webservices Switzerland
JEE5Wolfgang Unger 21-Dec-2010 P P - Big Smokes Holiday in BrazilGermany
JEE5Jeanne Boyarsky 17-Nov-2010 87 P Here Factory Homes TBD USA
JEE5Rupesh Kumar 17-Nov-2010 82 P - Dream Car TBD USA
JEE5Sylvain Duchesne 12-Nov-2010 P P - Dream Car SCEA for Java EE6 - Upgrade Canada
JEE 5 Ravi Iyer 21-Oct-2010 P P Story Factory Homes - India
JEE5Kuppusamy Venkatasubramanian 19-Jul-2010 85 P Here Dream Car TBD Singapore
JEE5Varun Chopra 03-Mar-2010 96 P Story Factory Homes TBD -
JEE5Jose Luis Iturbide 24-Apr-2009 71 P Story Factory Homes Spring & Android Mexico
J2EEGabriel Belingueres 30-Dec-2008 85 91 - Fly By Night - -
J2EEStefan Meier 29-Dec-2008 89 77 Story Fly By Night SCEA5 Upgrade -
J2EEMahesh R. Desai 12-Dec-2008 81 89 Story Fly By Night SCEA for Java EE6 - Upgrade California, USA
J2EEPaul Michael 5-Nov-2008 91 77 Story Fly By Night Flex or .Net -
J2EEAbhinav Srivastava 6-jul-2008 89 95 here Fly By Night - -
J2EEAshish Sarin 15-Aug-2008 70 92 here Fly By Night TOGAF -
J2EE Patrick Williams 14-Nov-2007 85 87 Story Fly By Night SCJD & Upgrades -

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