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September2010 Journal   

JavaRanch Journal, September 2010 Edition

Editor: Jaikiran Pai

Howdy from the September JavaRanch Journal!

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Every once in a while, we'll bring to you, some of the randomly selected evergreen articles that have been published at JavaRanch. This month let's revisit:

Meaningless Drivel

Before we sign off this month's journal, let's see what the trail boss has been doing outside of JavaRanch. As he himself admits, he's nuts about permaculture and here's one of his articles on cast-iron:


If you have any feedback on this month's journal then discuss it in the thread here. Or if you have any general suggestions about the JavaRanch journal, then feel free to open a new thread in our Ranch Office forum.

Your editor this month

Jaikiran Pai has been a member of JavaRanch since 2005 and a moderator since 2007. He works for JBoss and is part of the JBoss EJB3 development team. You'll find him occasionally blogging at

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