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Struts 2 FAQ   

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions about Struts 2

  1. How can I learn Struts 2? (link)
  2. What tutorials are available? (link)
  3. What books are available? (link)
  4. How is Struts 2 different from Struts 1? (link)
  5. How do I use Indexed Properties with Struts 2? (link)

  How can I learn Struts 2?

The best place to start with Struts 2 is the Struts 2 Documentation Home Page There is extensive documentation and sample code available on that site. As Struts 2 is very new and has far less market penetration than Struts 1, other resources are fairly scarce.


There is a page in the Struts 2 documentation with pointers to numerous tutorials


Struts 2 in Action: by Donald Brown, Chad Michael Davis, and Scott Stanlick

Apache Struts 2 Web Application Development: by Dave Newton released in June 2009 covers the latest version of Struts i.e. Struts 2.1. The book is useful for beginners and experienced people in Struts.

Practical Apache Struts 2 Web 2.0 Web Projects by Ian Roughley JavaRanch Book Review

Ian Roughley has also written a smaller book, Starting Struts 2 that is available as a free PDF or a dead-tree book. At about 100 pages, it is more an introduction than an in-depth study of the Struts 2 architecture.

Another book that is available as a free download is Struts 2 From Square One by Ted Husted. This book is part of a course Ted teaches, so there are other resources, sample code and slides as well as in-person training, available. Struts 2 Design and Programming: by Budi Kurniawan is a good and comprehensive book to learn Struts 2. JavaRanch Book Review

  How is Struts 2 different from Struts 1?

Apache Struts Documentation: Comparing Struts 1 and 2

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