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Testing Faq   

This page is supposed to give answers to frequently asked questions regarding the all kinds of testing.

As any other page in this wiki, the page is editable by anyone, so don't hesitate to add useful stuff.

  • How to get started with JUnit?

See JUnitTutorials

  • What are smoke tests, load tests etc.?

See KindsOfTests

  • How do you unit test GUIs?

See UnitTestingGuis

  • How do you unit test Web applications?

See UnitTestingWebApplications

  • How do you unit test private methods?

See UnitTestingPrivateMethods

  • How do you do load/stress testing on Web applications?

See LoadTestingTools

  • How can I get certified as a tester?

See TestingCertification

  • How do you do unit test database code?

JavaRanch article by Lasse Koskela
Tools: DBUnit, SQLUnit


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