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Threads and Synchronization FAQ   

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What is multithreading?

  • A thread is a lightweight process which when spawned creates parallel paths of execution.
  • Analogous to multitasking. Tasks are heavyweight processes, whereas threads are lightweight processes which are often part of a task.
  • Java has support for thread based multitasking. Threads in Java can be broadly classified in two types :- (1) User Thread (2) Daemon Thread. A user thread is what you get by default -- the thread that calls the main() method is a user thread. The distinction between user and daemon thread is only to determine whether a program has completed -- the JVM will exit when there are only daemon threads running. A thread can be made Daemon by calling the setDaemon(<boolean>) method. But this call should be made before calling the start() method otherwise a IllegalThreadStateException will be thrown.


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