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This page is supposed to give answers to frequently asked questions regarding UML.

As any other page in this wiki, the page is editable by anyone, so don't hesitate to add useful stuff.

General Information

  • What does UML stand for?

Unified Modeling Language

  • What is UML used for?

See UsagesOfUml

  • Who is in charge of the language?

The ObjectManagementGroup? (OMG)

  • Know any good books on UML?

See GoodBooksOnUml

  • Any free tool available to design UML diagrams?

  • Are there any UML Certifications worth pursuing?

See UmlCertifications

  • Know any good UML discussion groups?
The JavaRanch forum, of course

Use Case Diagrams

  • What is the difference between generalization, the "extends" relationship and the "include" relationship?

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