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Wiki Faq   

Answers to frequently asked questions about Wiki Wiki Web.

  • Hey this is cool... I like it... but who consolidates the changes?

Whoever feels like acting as a Wiki:WikiGnome or one of the Wiki:WikiFaeries

  • How do I add a new page?

    1. Choose a new page name, in Wiki:WikiCase.
    2. Click Edit at the top of any existing Wiki page.
    3. In a place you want to link to your new page, type the new page's name and click Save (if you don't want to put anywhere the link to the new page yet, use the SandBox).
    4. If your browser has trouble getting fresh pages, refresh it.
    5. Click on the question mark '?' that has appeared after the new page name.
    6. Replace "Describe [new page name] here" with whatever you want and click Save.


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