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Campfire Stories
You can find the cowgirl at the campfire every night! Her favorite stories to tell are "How my Dog learned Polymorphism" and "Getting in Touch with your Inner Class."
Code Barn
Get 'yer code samples here! Familiarize yourself with some of the basics, including Applets, showing images and Threads. The Code Barn features sample programs with the source running as an applet.
Chicken Coop
Grab a sense of coding style. VanRenseleer? is the top cluck of the coop and a pretty decent coder too. He has thoroughly documented in his Java Style Guide in the Chicken Coop. He never lets us forget as every morning he wakes us up by crowing "Cooooode Revieeeeeeeew".
Granny's Pearls of Coding Wisdom
Granny has been writing code since the old days and she has a few pearls of wisdom that can make your coding life a lot easier. So take a few minutes and pay close attention.
Got Links? Gramps sure does. Don't misunderstand. Gramps has travelled to a lot of interesting places. It's just that he repeats himself. A lot. We've taped a list of his most interesting Java related travels on the back of his rocker. We suggest you check the list while Gramps is napping.
Tack Room
No one should be out on the range without their vital JavaRanch supplies. T-shirts, caps, lunch bags, and mugs will keep you ready whether you are out on a cattle drive or just dropping in to the saloon.
What we promise not to do with whatever data we have about our members
JavaRanch banners and how to link to us
If you'd like to run banners on JavaRanch, or have some other proposition of that sort
Home Pages
of various ranchers. You can even create your own!
Saloon Tip Jar
If you think JavaRanch is a super site, and want to help keep it running (you might get a custom Saloon title out of it!)
Jolt Productivity awards
We've won some!

The Javaranch Family Wonder what makes the whole thingy tick? Why it's our wonderful extended Family. Come on in and see who we are! Get the lowdown on all the Bartenders and Sheriffs!!

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