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I hate doing this, but let me explain for the last time

GVS Again

Joined: Oct 11, 2000
Posts: 1
to those who have been offended (and other in"duh"viduals).
As a professional consultant with over 5 years of experience (and 6 certifications, together with a masters degree in Computer Science, working as a Manager in a top consultancy firm in the mid west), I just want to say that your site is absolutely paranoid about user id's. GVS is taken from my real name (just like RHE has been), and for whatever consolation it is to those who are bothered, this is not the first time I am using it. That is the way I like to live, I didn't intend to break the peace here, and don't want to change my lifestyle because of your rules.
Let me tell you that I am just looking for some guidance on getting comfortable with Java technology and the JCP exam. When I saw infinite references to "that good book by RHE", I wanted to know what it stood for, and posted a question (which imho is rather simple, if not absolutely dumb) as to what RHE stands for. And to that some enthusiastic "professionals" have responded with abuses, which beats me. All I was looking for was a response like that from Gautham.
I do intend to pursue the certification (using other means, of course), and this is the last post you will see from me on your site.
Good luck to those who seek real knowledge, and I hope this site continues to get more registrations in the name of James Gosling.
I hope the admins on this site will learn to make and live with unambiguous rules from now on.
Ranch Hand

Joined: Nov 22, 2008
Posts: 18944
As a registered member of Javaranch, I feel sorry. I understand your point of view. IF you are so serious about quitting this forum, I can help you with some links which are good.
Arpitha Reddy

Joined: Oct 04, 2000
Posts: 20
I also feel that the moderators care a bit too much about names.
But after all it is their site and they have the right to do so. If someone does not agree he/she has the choice of not participating. I personally don't care as long as the contents are useful.
Take it easy. I would urge you to be a good sport and keep participating. You won't gain anything by quitting anyway.
I apologise if I hurt anyone's feelings.
bill bozeman
Ranch Hand

Joined: Jun 30, 2000
Posts: 1070
Two opinions on this whole matter.
1. I agree with you that the some of the answers to your question were not deserved. Yes the asnwer may have been in the FAQ, but I am sure you are not the only person who didn't know what RHE stood for (Roberts, Heller, and Ernst's book on Java 2 Certification Study Guide if anyone still doesn't know). A simple response telling you the answer should have been good enough, and everyone would have moved on.
2. As for the username, I agree with JavaRanch on that one. I like everyone using real names and not acronyms or made up aliases to hide who they are. I am starting to know some of these people and I try to go in here every working day to clarify things for anyone else or for myself. I like making everything more personal.
Sorry you had a bad experience here, as I have had nothing but good experiences. Good luck to you on the exam!
chetan nain
Ranch Hand

Joined: Jun 21, 2000
Posts: 159
and away he walked into the night, vowing that one day......
just one day......
he would return with the SCJP degree in his hand.
he would rule once again
Serge Plourde
Ranch Hand

Joined: Jun 23, 2000
Posts: 140
GVS, please don't do this!
I'm sure that what happened to you could also happen anywhere else too. We are people. All kinds of people.
Once in a while somebedy lacks patience, or even worse, is really rude.
I've been coming since July of this year. And I found lots of help.
I too was concerned about the meaning of RHE, and I got answer.
Fortunately I was luckier than you, in the sense that nobody was rude with me.
That is the very fist time that I see, in months, a rude answer from some member.
I've seen some other newsgroups. I'm also participating in JDC's newsgroups.
You will never be safe 100% against rude attacks/answers.
That's life.

Hope this helps.
Have a good day.
Anbooo Sanygao
Ranch Hand

Joined: Oct 04, 2000
Posts: 45
What is JDC group ? Can u post the URL please. Thanks
Serge Plourde
Ranch Hand

Joined: Jun 23, 2000
Posts: 140
Hi, Anbooo
JDC stands for Java Developer Connection, provided by Sun MicroSystems, where, along other services, you'll find several newsgroups.
You can register for free, and receive news letters.
Here is the url:
I like to go to both, JavaRanch and the JDC newsgroups. Sometimes when I don't receive an answer to a question in one site, I'll get it at the other site.
I like very much JavaRanch though for its overall "interface" with the members and because the pages come faster on my computer.

Hope this helps.
Have a good day.
Angela Poynton
Ranch Hand

Joined: Mar 02, 2000
Posts: 3143
GVS .. first of all, I apologise if you thought I was getting at you by saying the answer to your question was in the FAQ! I can assure you that was not my intention. I designed the FAQ pages and they have been a VERY recent addition to the site and my intention was to make you, as well as everyone else aware of them.
I have to say I totally dissapproved of the tone of many of the responses to your very genuine question, however i think they may have come from misunderstanding the meaning behind the title to the thread. These things happen, unfortunatly!
Javaranch is generally a very friendly place and a lot of people find it very useful when preparing for certification, you only have to look at the number of people who post everyday saying that they had just passed and felt that Javaranch played a large part in helping them achieve their scores. I would hate to think that a misunderstanding would prevent you from benefitting as much as these people have.
As for the Name policy. I appreciate that you personally do not feel it is necessary, but since you have said you are new to Javaranch then I don't think you would have realised just how silly things were getting, with regards to aliases. Something had to be done. This forum aims to promote a professional discussion environment, and the number of quite ridiculous aliases was making that very difficult. I appreciate that you want to retain your annonymity and Javaranch has no problem with that. All we ask is that you use an ID that "looks" real. It doesn't have to be your real name, make one up, just have a real sounding first name and a real sounding second name! It'll be fun! I think if you try this out for a while and participate in Javaranch fully you'll realise just what a small concession it is to make and the benefits of being a part of the Javaranch community would far outweigh the very minor irritation of using a different alias.
As for the RHE arguement. Here we use RHE as shorthand for the (rather long) name of the book being referenced. It isn't really an alias, it's kind of like using SCJP, or LOL! Do you see why it doesn't have the naming rules applied to it now?
I do hope you will stick around, somebody with your programming experience would be a very valuable member of this community. Give us a second chance, we're good folks really!
[This message has been edited by Angela Poynton (edited October 11, 2000).]

Pounding at a thick stone wall won't move it, sometimes, you need to step back to see the way around.
pete hesse
Ranch Hand

Joined: Aug 29, 2000
Posts: 44
bill bozeman
Ranch Hand

Joined: Jun 30, 2000
Posts: 1070
Well said Angela. People have a way of reading tone and meaning into people's messages. That is why I aim to keep my responses as helpful and to the point as possible.
kishor kotecha

Joined: Oct 02, 2000
Posts: 27
Respected GVS,
Personally when I myself first read your question on list regarding RHE, my interpretation was "WHAT THIS DUMBEST RHE STANDS FOR?" As you know we all love this RHE book and I did not like the way it was asked. I think the question was not framed properly and the whole chain started. It must have disturbed many who read and then replied.
I invite you to continue with this forum and enrich with the depth you posses. And ask all you want to on Java. The forum does have a lot of experienced Java professionals. Ofcourse learning is a never ending process and all learn by asking and explaining.
It will be very nice for many young software aspirants if you share your thoughts with us. You do have what it takes to be proud of.
- Regards.
Aru Ven
Ranch Hand

Joined: Sep 28, 2000
Posts: 199
Hi all,
GVS, I know how you feel when people respond that way.... even though u may not know them personally, but it hurts........ Just forget about everything..... do not give up for just a silly reason.
I can't understand why are people(other than the site owners) so interested in names than java .... the moderaters are there to take care off of the names.....
Marcus Green
arch rival

Joined: Sep 14, 1999
Posts: 2813
I have a real live letter in my desk from Lawyers based in California employed by Sun with reference to a posting on a discussion forum I set up.
You can see part of the text of this message at
Sun is multibillion dollar organisation, I'm a computer programmer of ordinary means. I understand very well why any discussion system would want people to use real names. A few anonymous thoughtless people could result in a system like JavaRanch not being available. Think about all that information and feedback suddenly not being available.
Discussion systems like this run on co-operation and asking for a real name is not asking much. You can always try posting to usenet, you can use any name you like in See what a welcome you get there for basic questions :-)

SCWCD: Online Course, 50,000+ words and 200+ questions
I agree. Here's the link:
subject: I hate doing this, but let me explain for the last time
It's not a secret anymore!