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Anirudh Sonthalia

Joined: Jul 30, 2006
Posts: 25
I'm getting this error in my java swing application, please help :

# An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine:
# EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x080ab0d6, pid=340, tid=1084
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.4.2_13-b06 mixed mode)
# Problematic frame:
# V [jvm.dll+0xab0d6]

--------------- T H R E A D ---------------

Current thread (0x009f76c0): VMThread [id=1084]

siginfo: ExceptionCode=0xc0000005, reading address 0x00000000

EAX=0x00000012, EBX=0x00b33108, ECX=0x00000000, EDX=0x00000000
ESP=0x02affad8, EBP=0x02affb24, ESI=0x00000000, EDI=0x02affba4
EIP=0x080ab0d6, EFLAGS=0x00010246

Top of Stack: (sp=0x02affad8)
0x02affad8: 00b33108 08046f54 00000012 00000001
0x02affae8: 00000000 02affb94 080ab15f 00b331e2
0x02affaf8: 00000001 02affba4 02affb94 00b33108
0x02affb08: 00000000 02affb64 08074329 02affcfc
0x02affb18: 02affba0 02affb94 0805cf4e 02affb78
0x02affb28: 080ab122 02affb94 00b33108 02affba4
0x02affb38: 02affcfc 080ab126 081265e8 081265e8
0x02affb48: 0805cdd4 02affb94 00b33108 02affba4

Instructions: (pc=0x080ab0d6)
0x080ab0c6: 24 0c 7d 08 42 83 c0 04 3b d6 7c ee 8b 49 08 5f
0x080ab0d6: 8b 04 91 8b 70 04 3b 74 24 0c 5e 74 04 8b 44 91

Stack: [0x02ac0000,0x02b00000), sp=0x02affad8, free space=254k
Native frames: (J=compiled Java code, j=interpreted, Vv=VM code, C=native code)
V [jvm.dll+0xab0d6]
V [jvm.dll+0xab122]
V [jvm.dll+0xd3bc8]
V [jvm.dll+0xd5013]
V [jvm.dll+0x58613]
V [jvm.dll+0x5ef12]
V [jvm.dll+0x48e95]
V [jvm.dll+0x5f0aa]
V [jvm.dll+0xe39a6]
V [jvm.dll+0xe3b4e]
V [jvm.dll+0xe38b7]
C [MSVCRT.dll+0x2a3b0]
C [kernel32.dll+0xb683]

VM_Operation (0x0395efa4): generation collection for allocation, mode: safepoint, requested by thread 0x02ce3c98

--------------- P R O C E S S ---------------

Java Threads: ( => current thread )
0x00035df8 JavaThread "DestroyJavaVM" [_thread_blocked, id=344]
0x02dd0e40 JavaThread "Thread-4" [_thread_blocked_trans, id=2116]
0x02ce5930 JavaThread "t1" [_thread_blocked, id=2112]
0x02ce3c98 JavaThread "AWT-EventQueue-0" [_thread_blocked, id=1556]
0x02cecbc8 JavaThread "Java2D Disposer" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=1432]
0x02d0f8e0 JavaThread "AWT-Windows" daemon [unknown thread state, id=1388]
0x00a10b40 JavaThread "AWT-Shutdown" [_thread_blocked, id=1396]
0x009bc760 JavaThread "CompilerThread0" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=520]
0x009bbaf0 JavaThread "Signal Dispatcher" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=924]
0x009b8fa0 JavaThread "Finalizer" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=1092]
0x009b7c18 JavaThread "Reference Handler" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=1088]

Other Threads:
=>0x009f76c0 VMThread [id=1084]
0x009f8e88 WatcherThread [id=480]

VM state:at safepoint (normal execution)

VM Mutex/Monitor currently owned by a thread: ([mutex/lock_event])
[0x00035480/0x00000728] Threads_lock - owner thread: 0x009f76c0
[0x00035600/0x000006ec] Heap_lock - owner thread: 0x02ce3c98

def new generation total 960K, used 924K [0x10010000, 0x10110000, 0x104f0000)
eden space 896K, 99% used [0x10010000, 0x100effb0, 0x100f0000)
from space 64K, 44% used [0x10100000, 0x101071e8, 0x10110000)
to space 64K, 0% used [0x100f0000, 0x100f0000, 0x10100000)
tenured generation total 12028K, used 9711K [0x104f0000, 0x110af000, 0x14010000)
the space 12028K, 80% used [0x104f0000, 0x10e6bcf8, 0x10e6be00, 0x110af000)
compacting perm gen total 7936K, used 7731K [0x14010000, 0x147d0000, 0x18010000)
the space 7936K, 97% used [0x14010000, 0x1479cfd0, 0x1479d000, 0x147d0000)

Dynamic libraries:
0x00400000 - 0x0040b000 c:\Progra~1\Java\j2re1.4.2_13\bin\java.exe
0x7c900000 - 0x7c9b0000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll
0x7c800000 - 0x7c8f4000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll
0x77dd0000 - 0x77e6b000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\ADVAPI32.dll
0x77e70000 - 0x77f01000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\RPCRT4.dll
0x77c10000 - 0x77c68000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSVCRT.dll
0x08000000 - 0x08142000 c:\Progra~1\Java\j2re1.4.2_13\bin\client\jvm.dll
0x7e410000 - 0x7e4a0000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\USER32.dll
0x77f10000 - 0x77f57000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\GDI32.dll
0x76b40000 - 0x76b6d000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WINMM.dll
0x76390000 - 0x763ad000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\IMM32.DLL
0x629c0000 - 0x629c9000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\LPK.DLL
0x74d90000 - 0x74dfb000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\USP10.dll
0x10000000 - 0x10007000 c:\Progra~1\Java\j2re1.4.2_13\bin\hpi.dll
0x76bf0000 - 0x76bfb000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\PSAPI.DLL
0x003b0000 - 0x003be000 c:\Progra~1\Java\j2re1.4.2_13\bin\verify.dll
0x003c0000 - 0x003d9000 c:\Progra~1\Java\j2re1.4.2_13\bin\java.dll
0x003e0000 - 0x003ee000 c:\Progra~1\Java\j2re1.4.2_13\bin\zip.dll
0x02ec0000 - 0x02ed7000 C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2jdbc.dll
0x7c340000 - 0x7c396000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSVCR71.dll
0x6c010000 - 0x6c5b2000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\DB2APP.dll
0x6d850000 - 0x6d9a9000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\DB2SYS.dll
0x742b0000 - 0x742bd000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\DB2WINT.dll
0x02ee0000 - 0x02f07000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\DB2SYSP.dll
0x6d9b0000 - 0x6db5e000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2osse.dll
0x02f10000 - 0x02f7d000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2g11n.dll
0x02f80000 - 0x02f8c000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2locale.dll
0x02f90000 - 0x02f99000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2sec.dll
0x5b860000 - 0x5b8b4000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\NETAPI32.dll
0x02fa0000 - 0x02faa000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2trcapi.dll
0x02fb0000 - 0x02fb7000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2install.dll
0x02fc0000 - 0x02feb000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2genreg.dll
0x71ab0000 - 0x71ac7000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WS2_32.dll
0x71aa0000 - 0x71aa8000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WS2HELP.dll
0x71a50000 - 0x71a8f000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSWSOCK.dll
0x77c00000 - 0x77c08000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\VERSION.dll
0x77f60000 - 0x77fd6000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHLWAPI.dll
0x02ff0000 - 0x03007000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2dascmn.dll
0x03010000 - 0x03021000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2osse_db2.dll
0x774e0000 - 0x7761d000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\ole32.dll
0x77120000 - 0x771ac000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\OLEAUT32.dll
0x77690000 - 0x776b1000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\NTMARTA.DLL
0x76f60000 - 0x76f8c000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WLDAP32.dll
0x71bf0000 - 0x71c03000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\SAMLIB.dll
0x03080000 - 0x0308f000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_13\bin\net.dll
0x76f20000 - 0x76f47000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\DNSAPI.dll
0x76fb0000 - 0x76fb8000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\winrnr.dll
0x76fc0000 - 0x76fc6000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\rasadhlp.dll
0x662b0000 - 0x66308000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\hnetcfg.dll
0x71a90000 - 0x71a98000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\wshtcpip.dll
0x77fe0000 - 0x77ff1000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\Secur32.dll
0x030c0000 - 0x030c9000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\security\plugin\IBM\client\IBMOSauthclient.dll
0x030d0000 - 0x030e0000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\bin\icc\icc\icclib\icclib.dll
0x030e0000 - 0x0319d000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\bin\icc\icc\osslib\libeay32.dll
0x71ad0000 - 0x71ad9000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WSOCK32.dll
0x74d70000 - 0x74d81000 C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\SQLLIB\bin\db2tcp.DLL
0x031d0000 - 0x032e4000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_13\bin\awt.dll
0x73000000 - 0x73026000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WINSPOOL.DRV
0x5ad70000 - 0x5ada8000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\uxtheme.dll
0x03350000 - 0x033a1000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_13\bin\fontmanager.dll
0x73760000 - 0x737a9000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\ddraw.dll
0x73bc0000 - 0x73bc6000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\DCIMAN32.dll
0x73940000 - 0x73a10000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\D3DIM700.DLL
0x74720000 - 0x7476b000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSCTF.dll
0x755c0000 - 0x755ee000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\msctfime.ime
0x038c0000 - 0x038de000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_13\bin\jpeg.dll
0x038a0000 - 0x038a8000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_13\bin\nio.dll
0x039b0000 - 0x039e9000 C:\Program Files\Ivest\Rp1210Wrapper.dll
0x76c30000 - 0x76c5e000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WINTRUST.dll
0x77a80000 - 0x77b14000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\CRYPT32.dll
0x77b20000 - 0x77b32000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSASN1.dll
0x76c90000 - 0x76cb8000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\IMAGEHLP.dll
0x03e60000 - 0x03e6c000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\V1939C32.dll
0x03fc0000 - 0x03fe8000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\VCAND32.DLL
0x77920000 - 0x77a13000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\SetupApi.dll

VM Arguments:
java_command: Com.International.ShopFloor.VehicleElectronics.VESFSStation.App
Launcher Type: SUN_STANDARD

Environment Variables:
PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER=x86 Family 6 Model 11 Stepping 4, GenuineIntel

--------------- S Y S T E M ---------------

OS: Windows XP Build 2600 Service Pack 2

CPU:total 1 family 6, cmov, cx8, fxsr, mmx, sse

Memory: 4k page, physical 261040k(70148k free), swap 640952k(383360k free)

vm_info: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.4.2_13-b06) for windows-x86, built on Oct 18 2006 10:10:57 by "java_re" with MS VC++ 6.0

Anirudh Sonthalia<br />SCEA, SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD, IBM Certified Solution Developer (WebSphere Portal), IBM Certified Application Developer for WebSphere Commerce v6.0, IBM Certfied DB2 Database Associate (Exam 700)
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subject: ExceptionCode=0xc0000005
It's not a secret anymore!