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Joined: Nov 22, 2008
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Hi folks ,
Which one is better? Where should I start ...
The second Q .. where is the job market now .
Thank you ,
Van Glass
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Joined: Nov 18, 2000
Posts: 110
Having done both I can tell you that I prefer JSP over ASP. IMHO JSP is much more scalable than ASP and doesn't tie you into using Microsoft and IIS. As far as the Job market is concerned I think you are much better off going with JSP and servlets.

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Joined: Nov 22, 2008
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Originally posted by solomon abrham:

Hi folks ,
Which one is better? Where should I start ...
The second Q .. where is the job market now .
Thank you ,

I would advise you to go in for ASP.
It's faster to develop & totally Reusable unlike Java.
MS has excellent IDE & simple to debug & understand.
You can then upgrade it to ASP.NET using VB.NET or C SHARP.
These new tech. are going to definately give java a real tough fight.

Sarada Bhasker
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Joined: Sep 11, 2000
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Also with ASP the serverside components should present a COM interface which is not very widely supported and so the portability is highly restricted.
Brett Knapik
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Joined: Oct 15, 2000
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not being microsoft is a good enough reason for me. (Sorry i am biased Java forever)
I wish there was a button on my monitor to turn up the intellegince.
Theres a button called 'brightness' but it doesn't work

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Curt Combar

Joined: Oct 11, 2000
Posts: 7
To answer your second question - the market is fairly evenly divided right now. There is heavy demand for folks that can do either ASP or JSP. It's really a question of whether you want to stay in the Java camp (where you'll get into Servlets for more sophisticated development) or the Windows camp (where you'll get into building COM objects in VB, VC++ that run under MTS for more sophisticated apps).

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Mirko Froehlich
Ranch Hand

Joined: Aug 21, 2000
Posts: 114
Of course, as a Java fan, I am going to recommend JSP over ASP. But there are also some real reasons. I am fighting with an ASP page right now, and after having done only Java programming for about a year, VBScript (ASP's default scripting language) really seems terrible! It is so much easier to write correct code with a strongly typed language like Java. A lot of code that is syntactically correct in VBScript blows up on execution or just delivers weird results, and it is often very hard to track down the problems.
I would recommend ASP if you need to access certain Microsoft components (e.g. I am working with CDO - collaboration data objects - right now), for which there is no Java replacement. Otherwise, you will probably be happier with a combination of JSP and Java classes.
Kevin Yip
Ranch Hand

Joined: Oct 17, 2000
Posts: 110
JSP is more portable and better integrated with the platform-independent Java and J2EE. I see these are the definite advantages of jSP over ASP.
Jim Kanihan

Joined: Mar 25, 2000
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Hello everyone,
I hope you don't mind if I add PHP to the ASP vs JSP discussion. I've recently been working on a web application that was implemented as an Apache Web Server module written in C++.
We are starting a new project with more modest requirements, and the powers that be are trying to decide between ASP, PHP and JSP. The application is mostly simple to moderately complex HTML forms and an Oracle database.
Anyway, I was wondering if any of you JSP gurus out there have used PHP and what you think of it compared to JSP. I have a little PHP experience, but have never used ASP or JSP. We are probably not going to use ASP, mostly because we like Apache and we don't want to get involved with IIS.
Thanks in advance for any comments you may have.
Bob Moranski
Ranch Hand

Joined: Nov 22, 2000
Posts: 177
A friend of mine used both ASP and PHP, and in their bench tests, PHP is 4 times faster than ASP. But he said pure servlet probably is still the most efficient way. JSP I don't know, but it has to be translated into servlets so it's hard to say.
Marcela Blei
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Joined: Jun 28, 2000
Posts: 477
I think that I have a difference that nobody mention yet. The difference is about performance and traslation an execution time.
Correct me if I am wrong.
ASP works on client side allways and compiles each time a client requests it. JSP works on server side and JSPs engine compiles JSP code ones and then it works with the compiled code. Also JSPs engine verify code changes and recompile if there are differences.
Frank Carver

Joined: Jan 07, 1999
Posts: 6920
Both JSP and ASP are server-side technologies. They both allow deveopers to specify how dynaically created HTML pages are built up. Both allow exactly the same amount of client-side scripting to be added to the generated pages, be that JavaScript, Dynamic HTML or whatever.
Both JSP and ASP are intended to be "friendly" developer interfaces to the more complex and pwerful server-side processing languages and engines which underlie them.

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Kavita Ghia
Ranch Hand

Joined: Oct 10, 2000
Posts: 91
Being a Java geek I would always advocate JSP.But over here I am arguing in favor of JSP on certain facts:
1)An object model: JSPs are servlets and as such, they are able to participate in delegation and inheritance models as well as all of the other OO things that are available.
2)An extensible XML model called taglibs or Tag Libraries, where JSP developers can use purpose built XML libraries against tools that recognise their structure and parameters (such as JRun Studio from Allaire). The usefulness of this in a web development shop where graphic artists and developers work side by side cannot be stressed enough.
Also according to recent statistics (see the RedHat site), 22% of web servers are NT, (21% are Linux), that means there is 78% needing something else, and JSP advocates believe that JSP fits the place very well.
Note:The topic over which we are arguing is very subjective and its a matter of personal choice/belief as to what to use.And it also depends on how big your project is.
Ranch Hand

Joined: Nov 22, 2008
Posts: 18944
I would have to throw my hat into the ring for JSP. It is a good technology, better than ASP, I think, for the reasons already outlined. But my biggest reason for going against ASP is that IIS is a dog. Microsoft recommends that you give it its own server. One of the applications that my company hosts has a Sybase database on the same server with IIS and you wouldn't believe the problems we have had getting those two to play nicely together. Yes, ASP can get the job done, but who wants to fight with Microsoft and their "our stuff is great so if you don't like it, wait for the service pack" way of doing business?
erich brant
Ranch Hand

Joined: Sep 27, 2000
Posts: 246
PHP and Perl are many times more popular then asp or jsp.
So people are lying to you if they are saying asp is the most popular or asp is the future. PHP is the fastest growing
server-sided prog. lang..
PHP and Perl and JSP all work with apache webserver.
Apache is 65% of all webservers in the world!
( Linux is +33% of all OS servers in the world which means it
is number 1 for OS servers! and linux is 25% of all os's sold! )
Apache is free and open source! php, perl and jsp are
free and php and perl are open source, java is going to
be an "open source standard" soon with a new legal document

Java has been download almost 4 million times since dec 98 so
that is 2 million downloads per year!.
Java is a modular programming language, vb,asp is not designed
from the ground up. C# is a clone of java.

Asp,vb,C# is not multi-platform like php , perl , python and java.
asp,vb, ,C# is not free like php, perl, python and java.
You have to give money to ms to use their programs!
Server sided C/C++ is the fastest to execute but is a huge security risk, java is the second fastest, with php being 3rd
and perl 4th and asp ,C# ,vb last.
Java has Crypto packages , and perl and php have tons of free
code to use on the net, asp,vb, c# are have neither.
asp,vb and perl are known to be and have spagetti code, which
means the lang. is not designed for elegant OOP. PHP, python
and java are designed from the ground up for uml and elegant
OOP and component programming.
Any college professor will tell you that Java,effiel and small talk are the best designed programming languages, and Visual basic and C++ are the worst.

Java has built in security within it's language and security
packages for des, and rsa. No language in the world has as
much security build in the lang and has the most security and
crypto packages.

erich brant
Ranch Hand

Joined: Sep 27, 2000
Posts: 246
O, by the way, the most books sold on any specific programming language according to barnes and noble is...... Java!
Yes java books sell more then either VB or C/C++ books.
And according to Forrester research Java is the most popular
programming language for fortune 1000 companies!

for free code in java. java -pgp open source program java-xml api tons of jsp/xml free code! free books on java/C++ a new lang. java and python hybrid!!
Jim Kanihan

Joined: Mar 25, 2000
Posts: 2
Thanks to erich brant for all the info, with one small correction. seems to be a site for the group "Parents Helping Parents". For info about PHP programming, go to
erich brant
Ranch Hand

Joined: Sep 27, 2000
Posts: 246
thanks. I always remember the domain except for the
.extensions sometimes.

the good books on php is core php and Professional Php Programming.
good books on servlets and jsp is, professional jsp,
Special Edition Using Java Server Pages (JSP) and Servlets by
Mark Wutka. Paperback ,
Core JSP,
Java Developer's Guide to Servlets and JSP by brogden
Ray Chang

Joined: Nov 12, 2000
Posts: 7,11011,2646052,00.html
ZDnet recently had some comparisons of JSP/ASP/PHP/CF. I have to agree with the article's productivity statement about ColdFusion. I know I can build a website faster on ColdFusion than someone else on another platform. I also like JSP/Servlets because of the full power of the Java language. Allaire is working on merging ColdFusion and JRun so soon I'll have the best of both worlds :-),11011,2646052,00.html
I agree. Here's the link:
subject: ASP vs JSP
It's not a secret anymore!