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Windows 8 never fails to disappoint

Jim Venolia
Ranch Hand

Joined: Sep 07, 2013
Posts: 233

tl;dr: Win8.1 would copy a file for me, but not tell me where the original lived.

After about 4 hours spread over 3 sessions in 3 weeks I finally got my printer driver installed. Long story short, I could print to the printer, but the HP printer installer could not find the stupid printer. The HP printer installer looking for an HP printer (hint: try on a 4 week old HP laptop over an 802.11 link that the HP laptop can print to. But I digress.

Today I needed to scan a doc, took about 2 hours to get the printer driver installed. Dunno if it's an HP, Win8, or PEBKAC issue, but it works now.

Now that it's working I scanned a couple pages. This printer (HP 309) will scan a doc and save it to my laptop. So I scanned a couple docs, then wondered where they got stored. Can't figure out how to find files. So I drop to Metro for the first time in 3 weeks, do a search for *.pdf, it shows 4 that got copied over from the old laptop (that is, not relevant), has a link to show all 200+. Keep in mind I really want pdf files created in the last 5 minutes. But I digress again. Anywhoo, searching the Metro find results list I find my pdf's. Open em up, yep that would be them. So where are they? No clue. No fricken thing in Metro will tell me where those files are actually stored. But I can "Save As". Really? I can make a copy of a doc I scanned, but you won't tell me where you found the original file?

Worse, I can't get out of the Metro window. Finally remember the right side of the screen is magic (keep in mind I've become intimate with the registry to keep Metro out of my life), sure enough, I can search for "Desktop", from whence I promptly came here to vent my spleen.

Got a cygwin find command running for *.pdf, it will tell me where the hell the scanner stores my pdf's.

I know I started a "Windows 8 sucks" the day I got this laptop. But damn, seems every 2-3 days this OS does flat out stupid stuff that smells like it came out of Ballmer's southern polar vortex.

/ to be honest, a lot of that 4 hours was downloading the driver itself.
// twice
/// plus an uninstall
//// plus an HP printer driver installer debugger (HP print and scan doctor)
///// 2 reboots
////// slashies!

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chris webster

Joined: Mar 01, 2009
Posts: 2254

I'm staying away from Windows 8.x as long as possible. But in my past experience, installing printers etc is one area where Windows has usually been relatively good.

Contrast that with the weeks of pain I've endured over the years trying to get printers and wireless network cards to work in Linux. Even on my nice easy-to-use Linux Mint machine, it took me several days of forum-trawling to get my Canon MP620 wireless printer-scanner working properly. And I still have an old Dell laptop that I wiped and installed Linux onto, only to find it was basically a paperweight because I never found a way to get the wireless card to work reliably.

Sounds like Microsoft has taken the one leaf out of Linux's book that they should have left alone...

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Pat Farrell

Joined: Aug 11, 2007
Posts: 4659

chris webster wrote:I'm staying away from Windows 8.x as long as possible. But in my past experience, installing printers etc is one area where Windows has usually been relatively good.

I used to think that. Until my wife's XP machine died. No problem, it lead a long life. We went out and got a nice desktop for $400 with Windows 7.

None of her devices would work. No laser printer, no photo printer, no scanner. No drivers.

We ended having to buy new "windows 7" compatible printers and scanners.

The transition from Windows 98 to 32-bit Windows had similar problems with drivers. Old stuff did not work.
Jeanne Boyarsky
author & internet detective

Joined: May 26, 2003
Posts: 32803

I've found a way of working with Windows 8 that doesn't make me crazy. The problem is that I'm barely using it (I just want to run some Java command line programs to make sure they behave the same.) I shudder to think what happens when work "upgrades" to Windows 8.

Here's what I've been doing in my Windows 8 VM:
- push the file I want to test on Windows 8 to github
- at the DOS command line, pull from git
- command line javac
- command line java - redirecting the output to a file if I need it
- push the output file to git if needed

And I've been shutting the VM by saving state rather than shutting down Windows 8 so I don't have to deal with the "hidden" arrow problem. And all the real work happens on my Mac.

I'm also using an evaluation copy of Windows 8. (see here). I'm not sure if I want to buy it when the evaluation expires. Of see if it is still possible to buy Windows 7. Or not install anything in hopes I won't need it in the long term.

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Paul Clapham

Joined: Oct 14, 2005
Posts: 19847

chris webster wrote:But in my past experience, installing printers etc is one area where Windows has usually been relatively good.

When my father got his latest computer, it was one of the first Vista machines and it didn't come with all the right printer drivers. We spent several wasted hours talking to people in India who told him to restart and reinstall Windows several times, all of which I could tell would be pointless. And it was. It took several weeks to straighten that out. So recently he was having problems with it (having installed some malware) and was considering getting a new machine to fix the problems. No Dad, I said, then you'll get Windows 8 and it will drive you crazy.
chris webster

Joined: Mar 01, 2009
Posts: 2254

Guess I've just been lucky with printers on Windows or unlucky on Linux, eh?

Should be fun when my workplace upgrades from XP to W7 in a few weeks... ;-)
Jesper de Jong
Java Cowboy
Saloon Keeper

Joined: Aug 16, 2005
Posts: 15033

Read today that Microsoft is working on Windows 9, which is rumoured to be released in April 2015.
But Threshold is more important than any specific updates. Windows 8 is tanking harder than Microsoft is comfortable discussing in public, and the latest release, Windows 8.1, which is a substantial and free upgrade with major improvements over the original release, is in use on less than 25 million PCs at the moment. That's a disaster, and Threshold needs to strike a better balance between meeting the needs of over a billion traditional PC users while enticing users to adopt this new Windows on new types of personal computing devices. In short, it needs to be everything that Windows 8 is not.

Here's what I've learned about Threshold.

Windows 9. To distance itself from the Windows 8 debacle, Microsoft is currently planning to drop the Windows 8 name and brand this next release as Windows 9. That could change, but that's the current thinking.

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Stephan van Hulst

Joined: Sep 20, 2010
Posts: 4192

So really, it's Windows 8.2.

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Robert D. Smith
Ranch Hand

Joined: Oct 04, 2013
Posts: 196
It's weird. I've spent years trashing M$ and its crappy products. I've advocated Linux since version 0.12 (may have been 0.14). Yep, I remember running Xwindows with FVWM as my window manager. in a 20meg partition.

But I actually like 8.2. I have had almost no problems since I have adapted to some of the stupid stuff. I don't have issues with the Metro. Quite the opposite, actually. Took me a few minutes to figure it out the whats, whys and hows, but it's set up the way I like. The problem I have had and continue to deal with is my HP4500 all in one junker. Near as I can tell the issue is on HP's side of the field. Understand though, if I had my druthers, I would have stayed with DOS 3.0.

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Pat Farrell

Joined: Aug 11, 2007
Posts: 4659

Robert D. Smith wrote:But I actually like 8.2.

Did you really mean 8.2? or perhaps 8.1?
Robert D. Smith
Ranch Hand

Joined: Oct 04, 2013
Posts: 196
Pat Farrell wrote:
Robert D. Smith wrote:But I actually like 8.2.

Did you really mean 8.2? or perhaps 8.1?
Yes, I most assuredly meant 8.1. Thanks for catching that.
I agree. Here's the link:
subject: Windows 8 never fails to disappoint
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