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Recent posts by Rajesh kannan

Hi all,

In our client/server based application, I am adding encryption/decryption of password using javax.crypto package. I am planning to use DES algorithm. I have two questions here:

1. Usig the key: Can i use SecretKey class for generating the keys on client and server side, Like this :
SecretKey key = KeyGenerator.getInstance("DES").generateKey();

2. I want to return a String after I decrypt it. I got a sample implementation which returns a string using Base64 encoder/decoder. However I want to stay away from using these two classes.
What r the ways ?

16 years ago

AS I mentioned before, I would like to return a String.
How can I return a string without using base64 encoder/decoder ? Our company stays away from base 64 encodier/decoder.

Any help...
16 years ago

Basically I want to pass in id/password, encrypt them, send to the server.

In server, id/password will be decrypted and I would like to convert byte[] to String...
16 years ago

I already saw this example. But this example still uses Base64 type of encoding,

See this line:
return new sun.misc.BASE64Encoder().encode(enc);

I want to avoid using base64 encoding/decoding.

Any thoughts ?
16 years ago
Thanks Marc,

I would prefer to have a DES implementation for my encryption/decryption..

Any ideas..
16 years ago
I need to code encryption/decryption in a java based client server application. [I am new to client/server programming]

I have a swing client which takes user id and password. On the client side, I have another class, client.java which can take userid/password and do encryption.
Now, I have to do decryption. How do I call the server side class ?
Also, we have to have this done by des.

Can anyone give me code samples for des encryption/decryption using Java ?

16 years ago
Hi all,

We have a Java based client/server application which is running these days. Now we have a requirement to add a SSL certificate to this application. Now my question is, usually SSL certificates run on web servers, right ?

How do we use SSL certificate with a client/server application ? Can any one help please..

16 years ago
Today I heard about WAF. Whats it ?
Where can I get the source for that ?

please give me some links aboit waf ?

Please give me some replies..


Your last description helps. Sounds like you have two events to handle:

1) New message added to database. How will you know when this happens? If the message comes in over some program-to-program protocol like JMS or XML over HTTP and you update the database then you'll have code that is executed when they come in. If your other message sources just write to the database I'm not sure how you'll know a new message has been written.

2) Forwarding the message to the user. If each message goes to only one user I might look at the applet with server socket again. The server could open connection, send message, close connection in a couple seconds.

For 1: we have a set up which exists right now in the current client/server application, there is a thread which runs for 8 hours, this thread inserts the messages to the database. There is a shell script which starts this thread every day morning. Can I have a similar J2EE implementation ?
Thanks for the replies.

Yes 500 concurrent users. They will be logged into the web site which delivers messages to them. The messages which come from some external systems will be stored in the database.

The actual requirement is : whenever a new message comes to the database, this has to be delivered to the user's screen [based on the userid in the message] and it has to be a real time scenario. I still dont know how to initiate the server side calls .. Any ideas, please share.

Avoiding EJBs is what I am looking for, I have previous experiences where EJBs behaved bad.

In the middle "SLSB " - what is this ?

I plan to have DAOs where database transactions like select will be written and a session EJB[stateless] to call methods of the DAO. Will session ejbs be an overkill ? if yes, what else be a work around ?

[ July 18, 2005: Message edited by: Rajesh kannan ]

I am designing a web app/ Its supposed to have 500 concurrent users.

1. Module- Login
The users login using their uid/password and see the stuff in their database

I am planning to use Struts,jsp,action classes in the front end
Now, back end I am thinking about session ejbs which reads database tables. The method for getting values from database tables will be implemented in a DAO.

Now, what should I use in the middle layer ?
ie, intercation between action classes and session ejb: whos best here ?

what do u all think about this design ?

Again 500 concurrent users
Session needs to e maintained for a whole day[8 hours]

Please suggest..


I put iexplore.exe in the location u suggested and it worked.

17 years ago

can u point me exactly where to put the batch file ?

in windows 2000

17 years ago

When my computer comes up, an IE page should start up immediately without me clicking the "e" icon.

Can this be done ?
My machine is wondows 2000.

17 years ago