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Recent posts by samdeep aarzoo

there are three switches a b c
and three respective bulbs.
but we dont know exact order of bulb .

to find the solution of a problem
suppose initial condition is all the bulb are switched off

now we will not touch switch a (switch a is off)
we will switch on bulb b (for 5 min) than switch it off.
so now switch b is also off
now put switch c on (so one bulb is glowing )

now we will go in second room

we will find only one bulb glowing (that is c)
and one bulb warm ( that is b)
and one bulb that is cold taht is a.

hi david am i right , or i m thinking in wrong direction
17 years ago
only iit's and rec's fresher are getting good packages
not all freshers.
microsoft is giving 6.7lakhs package for freshers
and criteria is guys must have good command over c
and ability to solve puzzles , in interviews.

they dont need any certification , they are already certified
by having good college .

there is no use of these certifications
17 years ago
which Recruitment Agencies / Placement Consultants is good ?

Is there anyone who got job through consultant conpany
does consultancy company really helps in finding job
they are charging some amount or starting 1st month salary
please tell about any good consultancy company .

i m BE ( cse)(72%) rajasthan university(fresher) + scjp + scwcd
i m presently in hyderabad .

please suggest me

[ October 11, 2005: Message edited by: sandeep mittal ]
[ October 11, 2005: Message edited by: sandeep mittal ]
17 years ago
actually here in hyderabad all the j2ee companies
wants j2ee professionals with minimum 2-3 year experience
i want to do work in j2ee , but i dont have any experience.
now i have that much knowledge , that i can easily
clear any interview but , i am not getting any opportunity.
now i have good command over servlets and jsp
i dont know what should i do .
now i have the last choice to do bpo (technical consultant jobs).
i dont know any small emerging j2ee company in hyderabad
that wants freshers .
i got a call from many companies for sap
but i dont know sap.
17 years ago
hi bear
so according to rating

professional jsp is best
please tell am i right
17 years ago
can anyone suggest me best book for jsp,
which is complete . i have elementary knowledge of jsp.
or please suggest me any good link
please help me
[ October 03, 2005: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
17 years ago
thanks bear
for giving me this link.
it clears my query.
17 years ago
never do a flush and forward
please explain this statement.
17 years ago
out.flush(); // Flush the content to client. what it means
can anybody explain me
17 years ago
In servlet: A servlet that does not declare SingleThreadModel usually has one and only one instance, shared among all concurrent requests hitting that servlet.

that means if a servlet implements single thread model
than for every request there will be a differnt instance

and for the static and instance variable:

if we are using static variable than you have to synchronize it
because static has only one copy

i think this will sortout your some part of problem
17 years ago
When container migrates a session between VMs
in a distributed container setting,
all session attributes implementing the HttpSessionActivationListener interface are notified.

When container migrates a session between VMs
please explain this line
17 years ago

please help me in understanding:
if there are 10 clients (10 threads) do request
over some servlet , than how many instances of servlet
will be created .
whether it is 1 or 10

please tell also in comparison to single thread model
17 years ago
can anyone tell me about the java jobs in hyderabad
i m BE computer science , fresher 2005 passout
passed scjp exam
and preparing for scwcd
anyone please tell me about the companies who wants java proofessionals
with 0 experience.
please tell if anyone knows
17 years ago