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Can anybody please suggest....
15 years ago

I am SCJP1.4 and SCWCD5.0.
I would like to go for OCA.
Through web sites i came to know that i have to complete 1Z0-001 and 1Z0-031 or 1Z0-042 to get OCA.
Can anybody suggest which one is better as i am bit confused.
I would like to settle down as java developer.
And i have one more doubt which is ---> for 1Z0-001, we have non-proctored and proctored types.What is the difference and which one is better?
15 years ago
I have cleared SCWCD 5.
I prepared HFSJ and Hanumanth deshmukh books.
Both are great.
And prepared mock exams.
15 years ago
i am not having help option enable.
even if i double click on the test also i am getting view questions link enabled window.

I dont know whether i can ask this question here or not.
I am using enthuware exam simulator to prepare scwcd.
In that i have purchased and given the license.
I am able to open all the exams,but my doubt is how can see the results?
its allowing me to validate question by question but not whole test.
Please tell me how to get each test score.

Let me clear you on this
empty tag means which doesn't have any body,so the following might be empty tags
.Even if you have space between opening and ending tag also that will be considered as body.
Here if you observe the tag is declared with a carraige return,so it doesn't be considered as an empty tag.
Correct me if i am wrong.
Belated Happy Birth Day BRYAN

Thanks for your good work....

I cleared SCJP with 83% on 21st November. Planning to take SCWCD. Can any one give me information on SCWCD.

Thanks in Advance,
16 years ago

The answer for this cannot be B. Interface implements interface is never legal.


keyword itself says that the class which is implementing the interface will give the implementtion for all the methods in the interface(unless the class is a abstract class).

Please check the following code

When i have seen this i thought as the associativith is right the code will execute as following

a[i] = i = 9;
here right to left so i will be 9;
a[9] = 9;

but the program is running as a[0] = 9; Why is this?Could some body explain this.

I think i can explain better.
Let me expalin like this
When you created object for mom it will have methods.
You hide test2 and String s in child through inheritance.
when you call test method through child object it calls the parent method only.parent test method doesn't come and sit in your child class.child class inherits that means it can call that method with out creating any object to that class.

Calling the inherited test method through child object is same as calling the original test method from parent object.

and in the case , it prints string s as child only as you hid the mom with child .
Hi swati,

Basically the set doesn't allow duplicate values. So when you add string1,null,string2,null,string3,null the set will contain null,string1,string3,string2(Remeber hashset does not guarantee the order). In your code both s1 and s2 contains only one null object.
That is why you have only one null int he result as it is there in s2 also.

"Path" contains all the binary files of the commands you use to compile the program or to run the program,for example javac and java etc..
"Class path" contains all the classes or packages which you import in your java file, like java.util,java.lang packages etc.
16 years ago