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Personally whenever I work webservices I think Apache:
12 years ago
Notepad ++ and Textpad are lightweight.

If you need something heavy and real strong and real good you should try Eclipse (Galileo is the latest version.).
12 years ago
In fact the idea is not clear on what you are trying to do but there is an error in the following line:

replace it with this:
Sorry to say but if you a open a new window from an existing window it will still be in the same session, same thing goes when you open another tab.

I think the solution resides in setting in the session an array or a list of any type containing all the visited URLs by the user.

At the beginning of each page that is called you should check if this url was visited or not, if not let him do whatever he wants otherwise force redirection to the home page.

Remember that a session ID will remain the same as long you did not log out or session did not expire and you are in the same browser not matter how many tabs you open or how many windows you open.
12 years ago
Another solution would be to insert the message that you want to send with the all the necessary details and make a java scheduler that checks the content of this table from time to time and handles every record with the way it should.

This solution is more universal since not all databases support java.
Yes exactly, once you configure your jaas authentication this url will be active.
12 years ago
What if the databases stores it as rubbish character.

In order to simply store it and read it the same way, the database should have the same character set to which this string's characters belong.
Which database you are using?
MySQL, Oracle, etc...
you should go to the following location:
C:\Documents and Settings\pthornton\My Documents\NetBeansProjects\JavaClassLibra
and then type the following command:
java JavaLibraries.FileDemo c:\RC_address.txt

when you execute a class call all the hierarchy of packages until you reach the desired class and make sure to be in the src folder.
12 years ago
Yes of course it is much faster and if you are sure that your query returns good data you can use static counter like this:

Make sure the character encoding in your database is set to UTF-8 otherwise you won't succeed in saving these letters.

UTF-8 should be in jsp pages and database.
are you sure that the itemid is not null?

You should change your tests to take into consideration the null values.
12 years ago