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I Have some doubts,
1. What is difference between java servelets & appliets & swings?
2. Which is good for online storage management GUI?
15 years ago
that means we can cast char to byte if we declare char as final?
hi friends,
please check out the following code...

class test{
public static void main(String[] args) {
final char c = 5; // 1
byte b2 = c; // 2
System.out.println("b2= "+b2);


in above code we are converting char to byte. But if we do not write final keyword in line 1 then compiler gives an compile-time error. Why so? what is a role of 'final' keyword in this code?

thank you,
thanks for reply.
I have one more we can convert float or double updo some decided significant digits? e.g. if we want that, answere should be printed upto 4 significant digits only ,then how to do this?
hi friends go through following code:

class test{
public static void main(String agr[]){

float f=Float.parseFloat(agr[0]);
int i=(int)f;

System.out.println("whole no is "+i);
System.out.println("subtraction is "+(f-i));


generates output when i give no 25.48(or any other float) as
whole no is 25
subtraction is 0.47999954

where the o/ should be:
whole no is 25
subtraction is 0.48

why so?
final classes can't be overwritten. so, if we call such classes they give fast performance than other classes which are not final.
hi friends,

How to find end of file(EOF) using java?
is there any key by which we can end a file after writing?

17 years ago
Hi friends,

I have a doubt. When we declare an integer or float type variable, some amount of space is allocated to it on a heap so the values in that range are only valid values.
Is there any space allocation for user defined classes?

HI friends.......we know java is platform independent.It needs Java Virtual Machine to run. Can anybody tell me How exatly JVM works?

Waiting for reply.

17 years ago
thanks Jeanne,
i got my mistake.
Yhank u very much.
Is yhis enough or should i go thru anything else also?
hi friends,

I m thinking to develop a project in Java & SQL2000 .but i don't know anything related connection with DB through java.Can anybody tell me how to go for this? I m clear with besic java concepts.

thank u
hi guys
what is a difference between developers certificate & programmers certificate?

is that like.......developer develops software & programmer programs for that?
Hi guys ...........I m also planning 4 SCJP1.5