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Recent posts by Santana Iyer

Hello All,

I want some career advice.

I have about four years of experience working with IT services company on Java/J2EE.
I have spent one year in EU.

Got little bored and did not know where my life was heading so thought of doing Masters from EU or USA and working abroad for longer time. However thing have turned ugly in last 18 months or so.

Please advice whether to go for MS or look for better job in India. What will be beneficial in longer term?
14 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I have 4 years of experience with Java, J2EE technologies.

I have done SCJA, SCJP, SCWCD with 95%+ long back.
I am good with all these technologies.

Since last 2 years I am more info defect fixing and working on custom framework.

I am looking out for job now. I do very well with technical and fundamental
knowledge question. However I do not fair well with designing or scenario based questions
that are asked in interview. Problem is work I do is not meaningful.

I do get offers also from some place but not able to give excellent interview because of
designing, scenarios etc.

Please advice how can I improve upon designing and scenario based question?
How do I start, what should I do, books, resources.

I am also exploring Masters program in USA, Australia and EU.

I have 3.5 years of experience (1 year in Germany).

I want to combine something with pure CS. I feel interdisciplinary will add more value rather than pure CS as I have some experience.

Few options I found:
Information Systems (Business + IT)
Business Information Systems,
Health Informatics etc.

If I can combine environment it will be great but did not find anything like that.

Please let me know future prospects for the same and which one is good.

Any inputs/suggestions most welcome.
15 years ago
Agree with Arulk.

You do not need to say anything. If asked then IMHO tell the truth. By telling the truth you will be relaxed at peace mentally.
Also as you said you are good then hopefully you should find something good soon.

And in current scenario if some one is laid off it does not necessarily mean he/she is bad it may be because there is less work/not much new work coming up (company is not able to get new contracts/work and that is not your fault at all).

You may get less salary but at least you will be at peace mentally and will not live under constant fear Right!
15 years ago
Hi Mohammed,

Myself and some colleagues also thinking of further education like Masters degree or MBAs....
[ December 28, 2008: Message edited by: Santana Iyer ]
15 years ago
Hi, I am working as Software Engineer. I have 3 yrs of experience.

I am considering masters program in US/UK/Australia.

Any inputs on these, how is Australian masters education? Is it at par with USA.

Also how about opportunities after masters in Computers on Information Tech.

Some UK course interests me like computational finance or Accounting and Info System (I can combine computer with finance/accounts) so gain knowledge of two areas but do not know about future prospects of both.

Can any one put some light on this.
15 years ago
Thanks arulk.

It is little difficult I believe to study along with job. I will not be able to give required time for studies. Esp. indian IT companies working hours are long. Also very things are uncertain like they may send one abroad for short time etc.

Guys tell me is it worth to go for Masters after 3 year of work experience (3 yr of work expr + 2 yr of Masters) or 5 years of experience is better. Please advice.
15 years ago

My screen is divided into 4 to 5 frames which gets refresh every 5 seconds.
On each refresh request response is populated on hidden iframe.

Check is made if iframe content and frame content differ using javascript. If there is difference frame contents are updated.

Now since there are four to five frames which continuously send refresh request and on response four to five hidden iframes gets reloaded, mouse pointer on IE flickers continuously.

Can anyone suggest any solution to this problem. How to avoid flickering of mouse pointer or to reduce effect to an extent.
Hello, I have completed 2.5 years in IT industry as Software Engineer (worked on site for more than 6 months).

I feel now I should go for education (feel not growing and stagnant). I was always interested in finance and insurance domain (one reason is I heard techo finance guys paid well) but unfortunately till now worked in automation domain.

I have done SCJP, SCWCD and a small finance certification.

Please suggest me how should I go in this direction. Are there good Masters degree programs (techno finance kind of) if yes tell me which and where. I am not thinking in terms of pure MBA want tech + something.

I am already searching such programs in various countries.

Also advice me is it good that after 3.5 yr of experience to take break from industry and go for education (master s), some people tell me it is risk.
15 years ago

I have 2.5 years of experience in java, j2ee.
I have been to EU country for 2/3 months on project.

Now my question is whether to got for Masters education now in Comp Sci.

Will MS education add value (heard in some EU countries it is not very costly that is what I heard). Will it pay me in long run. Many of my friends are of opinion that it does not add much value at least in terms of pay package.

Also if I should then shall I do it by leaving job and attending univ/college or online/distance education is also ok.
[ May 11, 2008: Message edited by: Santana Iyer ]
16 years ago

I am Software Engineer, have done Java certifications (SCJA, SCJP, SCWCD) with 95+%.
Also doing few finance certifications (of National Stock Exchange, India but I have never worked on financial domain).

Actually I have not got good opportunity in my current company and there are no chances. I will complete 2 years in few months and planning to leave for good opportunities. Unfortunately I have only done 1 moderate project till now (few months in training, few months bench).

So I want to know what I can do to make my profile strong. Let me know things which I can do irrespective of work/opportunity company gives me because that is not in my hand.

Also is doing finance certs has value, I am doing NCFM (NSE Certificate, National Stock Exchange). I may want to try my luck in finance domain if get chance.

Please let me know what can I do from my side to make profile strong, also what interviewer gives importance to when reviewing profile.
16 years ago

I have around 6 to 8 months of experience. I am into Java, J2EE.
I have done SCJP 96%, SCWCD 97%.

My question is how can I learn OO, Patterns and other techniques and use it or make it effective. Senior people in my workplace say it comes with experience.
I agree but I still want to try and learn.

I have started learning from Head First Design Pattern.

So please suggest me how should I go about it and how I can make it useful and practical and not only theorotical learning.
If you have file index.jsp,

<%@ include file="header.html" %>
This is index page
<jsp:include page="footer.jsp" />

content of header.html file is copied to inclduing page at translation time.

With <jsp:include page="footer.jsp" /> will include content of footer.jsp at request time.

When first jsp is translated to servlet java class in case of directive it includes file content (at translation time contents are included).

With jsp:include a runtime call is included to footer.jsp so when user requests index.jsp at that time footer.jsp contents will be included (at request time) and response will be sent to client.

For more information please read some book or do google.
Thank you all!

So nice to see Bert's comments, Thanks!

Please tell me what should I do next.
I know struts somewhat (I did 2 months back), what about EJB, Ajax or something else?
16 years ago