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Recent posts by Rushikesh Wagh

Solved this too..

Actually every Portlet has its own set of codes. We can say Private area. Its own Java script methods. But when Complete Page is constructed, all Javascripts are present. Hence, browser was behaving unpredictablly.

11 years ago
Finally this issue has got resolved.

We were using Apace proxyPass for redirecting. It sucks..

Then we have integrated Apace - Tomcat with loadbalancer Using mod_jk.
11 years ago
1. {} is required cause you are assigning value. You are not declaring it.
2. As you have intiated the object using XInterface ob = new YClass(); this statement. JVM will execute curley braces and assign value to it as C#. hence answer is C#.

11 years ago
Hello Friends,

I am very new to concept called as Mobile Application.

Currently, I am Developing Client Server Based Mobile Application.

Tomcat Server, Struts Framework, WML as Presentation tier.

It�s very lengthy process of testing the Application using Handset.

Can you please guide me How to Test application on PC only?? Just like J2ME emulator is there any emulator / browser which we can install on PC and test the application.

Thanks in Advance.
MyPrompt$>java Miner.class

Runtime Error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

java Command will search for class.class file in Miner Package.

Tricky One But good 1.

Dear All,

Last around a month we are facing major issue.

We are having 2 Tomcat Servers running (On diffrent PC).

We want to add single sign on facility hence we We are running an application on one tomcat which carry out all Authentication & related Jobs. We can call this just like portal concept.

Other tomcat(s) is/are having applications running.

When User (Few / Particular users only) accesses an appication through portal, He/she dose not get any response (For Complecated / Heavy Weight JSPs only) small screens are visible.

When user accesses the same dirctly (bypassing the portal), response is recieved.

This code Was working for more than 3 years when both tomcats are running on same server (diffrent ports). Problem started When we Isolate them.

Its not working when we revert the sepration of servers

We used Apache Sever for virtual Hosting.

Can you help me to resove this???
15 years ago
Hi all,

I am facing 1 problem.

While Writing an Excel file jxl.WorkBook, I get OutOfMemoryError

I am writting 100 records at a time to avoid unnecssary memory overhead.

Still No effect

Please help.

By the way its web based application. Server Jboss 3.2.6

15 years ago
What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Any Way Thanks Ben for the guidance provided for Java Ranch Question Posting.

Still I didnt find Solution.
15 years ago
Can any one tell me about RotateLogs.exe. What exactly it do?
As name suggest, one can guess that it is utility program and works to rotate Log files. But, I can see more than 60 process running. each of around 1.5 MB.

I think this is stupidity. As its production server I can not restart

Can any one help me for the same??? any alternate solutions ???
15 years ago
I like to recommend SCWCD book from Hanamantrao Deshmukh.
Dear Manuel And Cameron,

Thanks For The Help Buddies.

Best Regards,
15 years ago
Niranjan Bhau Mala Pan Kantala Ala Ahe....
Please Delete This Topic..
Its Stupid Browser Related Issue....
16 years ago
Dear Friends,

For studing, I have written a sample Portlet which displays the tree structure.

I have refered TreeView from

But when I Open 5 portlet and I Try to open the Portlet written by me,
all the tree get open. i.e. Tree Behaves abnormally.

If its less than 5 Tree is fine but, for 5 onward. its ugly.

Can You Please tell me the reason why it behaves such...

Any Suggessions are appritiated.

16 years ago
I Work On LifeRay.

Can Any One Tell Me About a good Portlet Book???

16 years ago