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Recent posts by Melinda Savoy

I'm completely new to Groovy and have a quick question. I am working with a program called SoapUI and it says it can use Groovy to execute a jar file. I created an executable JAR referenced it below in my Groovy code.

However, I'm not getting any output from within SoapUI and was hoping someone could 1) confirm that I can execute a jar from within a Groovy script and 2) if anyone knew SoapUI what path do I define in order that the test steps section of the project is loaded. Any direction/help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Here is the simple java code within the JAR:

Here is the groovy code that executes the JAR which is located in the soapUI-4.5.2\bin\ext\ directory:

9 years ago
Thanks for the info Campbell. I appreciate the info.
10 years ago
Just in case someone else wanted to see what the answer was. Please see fix below. I also added other HTML codes I needed to fix. Thanks anyway. This came from another poster Ben from

10 years ago
In the code below I have a ByteArrayOutputStream that I'm trying to loop through and the objective is trying to REPLACE the HTML equivalent (&) with the "&" character itself. The issue that I'm trying to correct is that the & value is being printed in a log and I need to correct that with "&". The code below is what I've attempted but this is NOT working.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

10 years ago
In the application that I inherited I was told that I had to convert the application from a one port one connection application to a multiple connection application. I'm very new to socket programming and could really use some help in tackling this issue. Unfortunately, there are no other people on my team and I'm still trying to rifle through this code and learn the application.

Here is my code issue. I have a run() that calls a connect() in the same class but I have to be able to execute the rest of the run() code after EACH connection is made and verify that the activeSocket is still in the activeSockets list before making that connection in the connect(). Currently, the code is setup to get ALL the connections in the maxActiveSockets list BEFORE moving on in the run() but again, I need to be able to make multiple connections to the app up to the number of maxActiveSockets and process each connection separately. I hope this makes sense.

Any help/direction would be appreciated. Thank you.

Here is run() code:

Here is the connect() code:

10 years ago
In the code below, I establish the first connection without issue however, when I come back around in my while statement (highlighted in BOLD RED below) at the newSocket = serverSocket.accept(); line my program stops there. The objective is to allow multiple connections to one PORT. I'm in the middle of re-factoring an inherited application that has been working but only allowing one connection to one port at a time. This is my first crack at socket programming and any suggestions/direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here is the code that I'm working with:

Jayesh, thanks for the help. I will definitely try that. Your description of how this app works is pretty close to what we have. Doing thread dumps hopefully will help me find some answers. Thanks again.
I am working on a NEW application that I've inherited and have a question on threads. I am working in Eclipse and trying to watch the threads change from a RUNNING status to when they are accessed from within the application.

There are multiple threads in the application and in the DEBUG window of Eclipse it shows them all and their status where all of them state RUNNING status. Initially when I start my application I can send an ISO8583 message from an outside source which is what my application processes and it processes successfully and hits one of the threads. However, while my application is STILL running, I execute another ISO8583 message from the same application and that message NEVER hits my application. In Wireshark, I can see the message come across the network but it never makes it to the thread that is waiting on a message.

My apologies but I'm not sure what type of information you guys require to help me troubleshoot this issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Since no one responded, I'd like to try again by providing the stack trace from the DEBUG window in Eclipse in hopes that someone can tell me if the problem with getting a subsequent request in DiscoverChannel-ReceiveQueuer-1 THREAD that is waiting is being blocked by the DiscoverChannel-ReceiveQueuer-0 THREAD?

Again, ANY help/direction would be appreciated. If not enough info is provided can someone tell me what info is required to get some assistance?

Thank you.
I inherited a rewritten Java project that is written for an ATM Switch. I've been working on this project for 3.5 months and trying to test the application for certification with Discover Card. I am not that familiar with Concurrency (threads and receive queuers) but I think I've run into a problem with a blocking problem and cannot find a way to correct the problem.

Here is the scenario of what occurs:

1. I start the application on our development server (Windows 2003).
2. I submit a ISO8583 message (0800) for a dynamic key exchange to my application via a WEB APP called RCT on the Discover web site and the message processes fine. The message then stops.
3. The key is then held in memory in the Discover web app.
4. I submit the next ISO8583 mesage (0200) to my application BUT I never see the subsequent ISO8583 message even hit our application.
5. I can see the subsequent message come across the wire on a specific port using Wireshark to confirm but it never makes it to the application entry point. I put a breakpoint on where I would see the subsequent message hit the application but I never reach the breakpoint. In the Eclipse debug session I see the DiscoverChannel thread running plus the 2 receive queuer threads running as well. They appear to be open and ready for a message but again it never reaches the application.

Any suggestions/direction on how to debug this type of problem would be appreciated. The previous developer at this company is no longer available to ask. I've been dealing with this specific issue for 2 weeks and cannot find a solution.

Sorry about an exception was caught and it states: Exception caught: The column name Sequence is not valid.

The SP was different than my SQL statement. Sorry about that. Thanks for the help.


10 years ago
When looping through a SQL ResultSet, I am adding the attributes of a resultset to an object called Card. In my card object there is a variable defined as: private short cardSequence

When stepping through the WHILE statement below to populate my Card object from the resultset, when I get to populating the property called cardSequence I exit the while statement and my Card object is NOT populated.

In the SQL table the column for cardSequence is a datatype of "smallint". What should I be using to populate the property called cardSequence so that my object gets populated completely?

Any help/direction would be appreciated. Thanks.
10 years ago
I've tried to follow several tutorials and looked at several books online but did not see any that truly catered to the "BEGINNER" of the Spring Framework. I was laid off back in December 2011 and found that looking for most Java developer jobs knowledge and experience in the Spring Framework is required. I've had other Java developer jobs since but working with Core Java that is NOT in any kind of framework. I've used the Stripes Web Framework previously and liked not having to delve into the web.xml when adding new classes to my project. Is that now better handled in Spring? How does your book get a "beginner" off and running quickly? Also, what version of the Spring Framework does your book cover? I've received an email from Spring stating they are at version 3.2 now.

Much success on your book. Thanks.
11 years ago
Thanks so much for the quick response.
11 years ago
I just started a new position whereby I have a perl script that executes a jar file that produces reports. While executing the perl script I got the error below after executing it from my Textpad application. The unusual part is that neither JDK 6 version that I have has this file in the jre\lib directory. Any help/direction would be appreciated. Thanks.

Here is the error:

11 years ago