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throw new RuntimeException();
System.out.prinln("After Exceptions")://compiler error un reachable
could you please tell me the duration for the preparation for this exam?iam using "Head First Servlets and JSP" book , iam scjp1.4 but iam new in jsp ? :roll:
13 years ago
thanks you all ,
13 years ago
i've just came from the testing Center and i passed ,all i can say K&B book is not a book its a bible ,"bert" really you are great , and thanks for all ranchers, this forum is the best its helped me alot ,i used k&b plus some mocks from free sites ,and the exam was not difficult ,i was preparing scjp1.5 but i switched to scjp1.4 cause "Genrics" made me mad ;anyway thanks for you all ;
13 years ago
13 years ago
please if any one is sure about that when scjp1.4 will be removed from the exam list coz i heard that it will be in jan 2007 help please

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when will scjp 1.4 will be deleted like 1.2 ,, coz i ma gonna take it in 2007Jan
If two methods are synchronized in a class, only one thread can be accessing one of the two methods. In other words, once a thread acquires the lock on an object, no other thread can enter any of the synchronized methods in that class (for that object).
does that Object mean the Runnable instance

class D implements Runnable{

D nr =new D(); is that mean the object?

Thread r1=new Thread(nr);
Thread r2=new Thread(nr)
What two statements are true about properly overridden hashCode() and equals()methods?

C. hashCode() can always return the same value, regardless of the object that invoked it.sure

E. equals() can be true even if it�s comparing different objects. why???what's the meaning of this???


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(removed shout in title)
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thanks all its really help
class Ch6 {

public static void main( String is[]){
Ch6 t=new Ch6();
Ch6 o=new Ch6();
System.out.println("equal");why the 2 object is not meangufully equals???