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Recent posts by Akhilesh Trivedi

I have a spring based gwt project. On gwt client side I have an abstract class.

Currently, "id" is hardcoded value and I can replace it with some getters and setters.

But I am looking for a possibility where this id which is on gwt client side, can be injected via a spring bean xml file ? I googled and found something called gin from google, but I am not sure how to do this and will gin really do what I am looking for ?
5 years ago

removeNode being a ms proprietary dom extension function would not (normally) be expected to be supported by its competitors

I thought of taking HTML CSS certificate exam from Microsoft. Thanks! I dropped it off from my list now.

Bear Bibeault wrote:
Why aren't you use jQuery for this type of thing?

I am just working on the basics and practicing things.
On FireFox developer console I get

TypeError: myid_div.removeNode is not a function
I have below code and I am expecting a blank page to appear.

Why is that removeNode not removing everything?

Has anybody given Microsoft 70-480 exam?

How did you prepare? There is enthuware simulator/mocks for Java but what about this HTML/CSS/JavaScript exam? How to practice for this test and self-evaluate?
Found this

Popular options for deploying Apache httpd, and, optionally, PHP and MySQL, on Microsoft Windows, include:

Apache Lounge
BitNami WAMP Stack

at http://www-us.apache.org/dist//httpd/binaries/win32/
7 years ago
I was trying to download and install Apache Web Server (httpd) but when I go to Apache site http://httpd.apache.org/ I am not able to get any zip... do I need to build the source? Is there any zip version which I can simply unzip and start the server as is... I think I did that in the past. Now I only Symbols and Patches directories on mirror but no Zip installer.
7 years ago
For some reasons I gave OCA JP 7 today and scored 88%. (I should have better been on OCAJP 8 rather)

I want to head for OCPJP 8 finally.

Can I now take up OCPJP 7, succeed it and then go for 1z-810 upgrade exam from there?
I have an audit functionality in my application that on some specific opreations, updates some database tables. This is being done using old jdbc way and has commit and rollback statements.

I wish to externalize this functionality(as a jar). What is the good way to do it, can jdbcTemplate be returned as an object to this external jar and then the jar takes over from there, is it good to do so? How do I achieve commit and rollback functionality using a jdbcTemplate object? or are there better alternatives?
8 years ago
What is hadoop streaming?
8 years ago
I think Cloudera VM recommends 64-bit CPU with 4 GB ram for 5.4.x but 8 GB should be reasonably smooth.
8 years ago
Got it working with return $location.path('/formDetails'); in success method

8 years ago