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Recent posts by aven kimball

Thanks for posting that link.
I am testing this example. I have jdk 1.4.2_08. But it gave me the error package
java.util.regex do not exit. The tutorial also saying that
Before continuing with the next section, save and compile this code to ensure that your development environment supports the java.util.regex package. . So how to make it available?
16 years ago
Increasing the number of developers is not a good situation.
Then what is the best solution???

Working overtime is not healthy. The project need to finish by deadline.
When re writing the legacy applications to java applications the biggest challange that came across is data conversions. Most of the clients want to keep the mainframe. Then need to pull the data to oracle or any rdbms.This is taking more time than expected. Does your book provide insights to these situations?
This may help you. According to editorial cover this book covers webservices.
16 years ago
Thanks for giving a nice explanation. I am planning to buy this book.Something which Iam looking forward.

I have a question in that code

1. why abstract and interface together
2. when you say abstract in a class does that mean all methods should be abstract. I thought its not necessary

[ EFH: Added line breaks! ]
[ July 12, 2005: Message edited by: Ernest Friedman-Hill ]
16 years ago
yes i do have 1.3 installed in my system. but i cant uninstall that since
some of my apps need that. but i set up JAVA_HOME to 1.4 path. but my system still recognizing 1.3. Is there anything i can do with out uninstalling 1.3
I am trying to install eclipse 3. its giving me the error java version 1.4.1 is required. i do have java 1.4 and i also gave the path. but when i check the version it is still showing 1.3. what should i do in order to change that version.???
any help appreciated.
all are parsers so why xerces need dom or sax. confused
in the schema when we write like this

<xs:schema xmlns:xs="http://www.foo.com/XMLSchema"/>

do we need to registed that ?

What is Transactional Datasource?

i was reading a struts-config written by someone
<action path="/..."



what does paramter means??

thanks in advance
16 years ago
Thnaks for the nice explanation
16 years ago
if someone says convenience class what does it mean.
16 years ago