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Recent posts by Ram kovis

and Steve Miller's Fly like an eagle..
12 years ago
great thread!!!

Glad Queen is mentioned.. I agree.. Evry song from that band is a master peice... Freddy rocks!!

and Santana.. there are great catchy songs.. especially Jingo.. there is a cover version by greats Santana and Eric Clapton.. Jam!!

and Steveie wonder.. the great!! Superstition song and its clavinet riff and saxo....
12 years ago
good discussion.. interesting points..

I got fwded this in email.

Luck matters ;-)

With a pile of 300 resumes on his desk and a need to pick someone quickly, my boss told me to make calls on the bottom 50 and toss the rest. "Throw away 250 resumes?" I asked, shocked.
"What if the best candidates are in there?"
"You have a point," he said. "But then again, I don't need people with bad luck here."
- Becky Horowitz(Reader'sdigest)

sorry for the digression...
12 years ago
Who says we don’t exercise ? we jump to conclusions, drag our feet, throw our weight around, stretch the truth, bend the rules and go around in circles !!
12 years ago
Dick and Rick Hoyt

Amazing father!!
Kudos to Dick , the father!!

There are amazing people in this world!! Truly inspiring!!

For more info.. from wiki

12 years ago
Mimicry from Lyre Bird

Amazing!! Camera shutter and ChainSaw are amazing!!
Craze bird!!
12 years ago
Very talented song writer and dancer..

During my graduation ( in 1993), it was a sin not to listen to his music or try the moon walk.
During Ragging period, every new comer had to do this moonwalk and that spin after moonwalk.. :--)) Fell down countless times:-))

Good memories..

In addition to his peppy numbers, he also gave wonderful songs like - heal the world, Stranger in Moscow..
and in second half of Stranger in Moscow, he just poured his heart..

his music lives forever..

12 years ago
one of the greatest entertainers...
May his soul rest in peace..
12 years ago
civils results are out..

"There are nine engineers in the top 25. Interestingly, Shubra Saxena, 30, is herself a graduate of IIT Roorkee but took psychology and public administration as optional subjects for her second shot at the UPSC. ``I have been preparing since 2006. Prior to that, I worked in the IT industry for four-and-a-half years"

hey Rambo, hope you will tell a similar story next year.. All the best..!!
13 years ago

arulk pillai wrote:This will push the salary/rates down as well. I recently secured a contract position and the employer quoted the market condition to squeeze my rate.

For the same reason, i think, there is nothing in hopping frequently when market is hot. Make hay while sun shines..
13 years ago

Sound of silence
Are you going to Scarborough fair..
Mrs. Robinson

Excellent vocal Harmonies.....
Real music!!
13 years ago
somewhere I read that, you can vote to "None of the above". If "None of the above" receives more votes than others, the election can be cancelled or something like that..

I never had a chance to vote in india.. pretty sad..
13 years ago
whatever it is, working for more 8hrs a day is not good for country's economy...( may be good for your company)
by spending 15hrs a day in office, you dont go to restaurants, movies, fitness centers... in that way, you are causing a serious damage to economy
13 years ago