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Recent posts by vignesh hariharan

Oh Ok. Is ter any other way I can achieve this? I am not concerned abt using @schedule.. But I somehow need an idea to do auto timers with ejb3.0 in WLS10.3
Thanks for your reply Jai

Weblogic 10.3 doesnt support ejb3.1
But i manually dragged the jars which contains javax.ejb.schedule etc.. and added it to eclipse buildpath..
will that not be suffice for it to work??

Hi Jai,

Thanks for that. It helped me. But still i get errors in making use of it.

below is my bean

is my remote..

I dont have a client. As far i read accross, I dont need a cleint program. but the thing is I use weblogic 10.3 and I dont ve a ejb3.1.jar so I jus added ejb31-api-experimental-3.1.1.jar which i found from and i use weblogic.jar for ejb3.0 classes.

not sure if this cud be the probelm. Can you help with that?

below is the err:

Exception preparing module: EJBModule(timerTest1) Unable to deploy EJB: timerTest1.jar from timerTest1.jar: There are 1 nested errors: weblogic.ejb.container.compliance.ComplianceException: No business interface, component interface or web service endpoint interface found for Session Bean TestTimer at weblogic.ejb.container.compliance.SessionBeanClassChecker.checkInterfacesExist( at weblogic.ejb.container.compliance.Ejb30SessionBeanClassChecker.checkInterfacesExist( at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at
Hi all,

I have a situation where my ear is deployed into weblogic server, it should automatically trigger a method based on timer control.
I have used the Timer class and scheduled methods to do. But I could not find out how to make a call to the timer function.

step 1: jar file deployed to weblogic server
step 2: immediately once the deployment is done, without any human intervention, a method needs to be called.

Is ther anyways to obtain this?

I jus tried this steps below.: using ejb3.0
1. created a bean class with the timer implemention which will trigger a method on a particular time.
2. I have a remote class for which the bean has been implemented.
3. I have a client file which will use the lookup to call the bean.

Now my question is how can i avoid the client file?? when I deploy, the bean should automatically be called somehow.
Hope am clear.

This would be a great help. I tried google.. But quite helpless.

hey ranchers,

hi Bear.. a special thanks to you. Just now I tried. But i dint put it in any package. still it worked out.

Really thanks a lot.
But am really sorry. I dont know how i did mistakes so silly..
But let this help others.

I will list out my mistakes.

I saved my web.xml using wordpad and it saved it in its default format as Rich text format. so what happened is, eventhough i saved it "web.xml" the rich text format added few additional formating features, extra features and stuffs. so my web.xml was not read properly by the container.

I was so careful in the content but was a bit careless in this saving stuffs.

Also i dint declare my class as public. But this exception i got it after correcting my web.xml.

sorry ranchers.
thanks a lot for your help.
[ June 30, 2007: Message edited by: vignesh hariharan ]
17 years ago
Till now i dint give it a try...
17 years ago
This is just my hello world program.. I thought i can just place it in webapp->class.. Is it compulsory to make it placed inside a package???
17 years ago
hi ranchers..

thank you so much for your replies..
sorry for delay in reply.

C:\Tomcat 5.5\webapps\ch1\WEB-INF --- In this location my web.xml is present.
C:\Tomcat 5.5\webapps\ch1\WEB-INF\classes --- In this location my Ch1Servlet.class is present.

My compiles fine. so no compile time error.. As I told its only 404 error I get.

classpath=;C:\Tomcat 5.5\common\lib\servlet-api.jar;.

URL which i give in browser is http://localhost:8080/ch1/Serv

All these I have set in My computer-> Properties

please help me out where am wrong.

[ June 29, 2007: Message edited by: vignesh hariharan ]
17 years ago
when ever i make a change to the web.xml, am restarting tomcat. but still am not able to do it. My program compiles fine. i ve set the environmental variables both CATALINA_HOME AND JAVA_HOME.. I checked the web.xml the url-pattern. still i get only 404.
17 years ago
hi ranchers.

just now i started to learn servlets. am going on with head first servlet and jsp book. i tried my hello world servlet in that. i deployed the same structure. but am getting 404 error. my web.xml is right, my java program got compiled without errors. i dont know where am wrong. help me out.
thank you..
17 years ago
hi ranchers...

from this link
i came to know the use of printing api from which i can print a text file to a printer... but similar way, how can i obtain some signal or some sort of input from a serial or parallel port into my java program??? i need to make my java program listen to the serial or parallel port... please some one help me out...
17 years ago
thank u friend. can some one else suggest me more with respect to the experience required to start?
hi ranchers..

i finished my scjp 1.4... i would like to do scwcd now.. i have no idea of servlets or jsp.. and also i havent done any projects as of now with those technologies... will i be able to prepare well with head first servlets and jsp or some other scwcd certification book??? is tat good if i start directly with certification books or should i have to study some other books to learns serrvlets and jsp and then come to certification books?? also please let me know if hanumanth deshmukh's scwcd certification book is good for the preparation... am slightly not comfortable with head first. it is a bit strong and messy with all picturs. guide me on this aspect also please. help me out ranchers.. thank you...
[ November 26, 2006: Message edited by: vignesh hariharan ]
thank you people...
17 years ago
java is built on java.. then if no operator overloading syntax available.. then how come the language developers created that?? am little confused.. please explain me///
17 years ago