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Recent posts by Namnai Kidorkar

How do I get fixed length decimal number in java float or double?

say, i've 22 and want to devide it with 7.

i want to get 3.14 not 3.14285.....

help please.
16 years ago
This is quite wrong place to ask this question, but can't find a better place to ask. If anyone can give me the answer or give me a link to a place where I can ask this question, that will be greatly appreciated. I spent about an hour in google trying to find the answer but no luck.

how do I call a stored procedure from C/C++? I'm using MySQL 5.0 and created some stored procedure there. I need to call them from a c++ program. Any suggestion on the syntax?
say i've two tables. they both have 2 columns in common. Is there anyway, that each time i update those two columns in table one, table two gets updated as well? how about updating with different informatin such as lengh of table 1 column 1 goes to table2 column 1. thanks in advanced.
i've this very long string that i need to display in a html table. here is an example of type of string:

3431333835393434313736443733363733413737363337343730324536333646364437 \
3036313733373336343639363732453633364636443434303034373031303030343033 \

this is one string without any space anywhere (i put the \ to show it).

i remember an example of breaking a string in a html table after a certain number of characters. but i forgot and can't find the example anymore. does anyone knows how to do it? or any other way to do this? thanks.
in my sql, what i'm trying to do is:

select foo from table_name where bar = 'a' and bar='c' and bar ='f'

this is not working. can someone please give the right syntax about how to do this?
Digging up the thread because I've the same question. How to add an image as a back ground of a JPanel and a JFrame?

the is not working, so i'd to ask the question again. the site probably need registration to see the codes but new registration is not working. please help.
16 years ago
it works. thanks a LOT erik.
yes, i believe so. but the time format is the same so i don't have to change that. i've to change the date format from mm/dd/yyyy to yyyy-mm-dd.

if u could give me the right expresion for it instead of explaining that would be ok too.
thanks for the link. actually its a user defined function. i found the function but stuck at:

var objRegExp = /^\d{1,2}(\-|\/|\.)\d{1,2}\1\d{4}$/;

don't know what this means. if someone can explain the format that would be appreciated.
I'm using someone else's code. so not sure, but seems like this "isValidDateTime()" is a build in function of javascript. Assuming it is, it is only validing time and date against "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm[:ss]" format. is there any way to change the format to "yyyy-dd-mm hh:mm[:ss]"? or use any other function? thanks in advanced.
conceptually this might be done, never tried...

send back and forth a flag, and make the flag true when it comes to the page where u want to be. then, in the back page make a function such that if the flag is true it will be forwarded to the next page.

if will not disable the back button for sure but what will happen is that it will go back to the old page and come back autometically.
sorry newbie here, don't get annoyed plz.

how do i use a button to redirect to a page using javascript?


< input style="width:100px" class="buttonRect" type="button" value="Cancel" id="cancel" onc1ick="goback()">

now, what goes in the goback() funciton?

i know its in html simly

< a href="url of last page"> title </a>

but how do i do that in javascript?

on the same line, how do i put html code inside javascript?

thanks in advanced for the help.
About not being able to access any other site beside redhat and sun...

I'm getting this feeling that you are not connected to the internet and accessing those two sites from hard drive. not sure though but you can check.
16 years ago