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Recent posts by sameer inamdar

First I just mean that it was more tough and now its better.
Microsoft exams can be more easy I din't try one now i think i should give some of them.

And certification is always good to achieve.
We can never conclude that the sun certified market value will drop.
but if some think is over produced market value becomes less.
18 years ago
Hello everybody.
Sun thinks that I meet their criteria to be called as Sun Certified Java Programmer. And Special thanks to all thinking minds at javaranch who made this thought possible.

Though I was so busy with asp developement and other activities I postponned my exam twice and finally with few post at java ranch and My few days with Exam cram made my certification easy. Though the score I am very satisfied because I like people getting 60-75 range.

For all the SCJP aspirant please go through following facts to boost their confidence
1. Sun needs more certified professional as they are targetting future market.
2. The exam is made easy as never before.
3. Exam objective + Good guidelines from any certification books + few mocks and trying basic codes gives you enough expossure to attempt the level of questions asked.
4. You don't need to be very hardworking or great programmer to be sun certified thought it makes the process easy.
5. While attemting question be calm and composed and read carefully.

I was lost and could reach exam cetre late and my state of mind was not very calm and composed. Though after some time i settled down and just concetrated. Threads is the section which every one scores less.

Any way now I will be around here and actively help you all.

Thanks again for every body to make this possible
Now I think I can put SCJP 1.4 as my signature.

18 years ago

Come on, Lets explore JAVA !!!
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go !!!

Kalyana & Abhishek... I would love to be part of exploring java to maximum extend. But stuck with Microsoft and involved in analysis and design work. even delayed my exam.
IF you think you got enough time to prepare you can opt for the latest trend but Its like buying the latest model of new car
We should wait and see the market performance
I am going for 1.4 atleast becuase my company is using 1.4 we always have upgrade exams.
Ya Hope this solves your doubt
I am using ver 1.4.2
JVM complains if I try to override the private method.
As far as my explaination goes I think

when you create
S1 string is created and reference is stored in s1
when you create s2 with same string JVM doesn't create string at another location but stores the reference of earlier string in s2
Thus s1 == s2 returns true;

but when you manupulate
s1 and store in s3 string is created at new location and with the desire change. thus s3 has different reference

same with s2 s4 is created with new ref.
and thus s3 == s4 false as s3 and s4 are not same

Hope its correct please anyone can justify this
can any body give me logic of
-5... how it will be represented in binary

in that case say
-5 >> 8 what is the result of this operation.
welcome Ashok.. ITs realy great place. unfortunately I am not getting time to study for exam due to my work load..

Any way I am back now would concentrate on java.
what is difference betwee & and &&
| and || can you tell some details.
making X public still it give compilation error.
How to make X visible
yes compilation fails as the compiler doesnt recognize X at line 4.
Now I got confused I need to review the concept again.